Alum Ventures: Strategi Automation Solutions – Arun Menon, PGP 1994

Arun K Menon, PGP 1994, is one of the few alums who took the high road and decided to become a first-generation homegrown entrepreneur. His company Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is in the business of Machine building, Factory Automation and Motion Control. The company has two manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Mysore with sales and support offices across India.

Automation is the need of the hour and an effective solution for many problems caused by COVID. We interviewed Arun where he talks about his entrepreneurial journey and plans ahead.

“Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea – Ayn Rand”

Can you please tell us something about yourself.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and worked in Special Purpose Machine Design for two years prior to my PGP. After PGP, I was working in Mumbai in Corporate Advisory Services before I moved back to Bangalore to start my own venture.

Please tell us more about your company – Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd.. How and when was it started?

Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd. was founded on Jan 4th, 1996. We are now in our Silver Jubilee year. In Oct 1998, my younger brother Harish joined me as a Co-Director. He went to Mumbai to start our Mumbai branch.

Strategi Automation is a very interesting name for a company. Any story behind this?

My elder brother Murali had started a partnership firm in the name of Strategi in 1994. His friend who was working in an advertising agency designed the logo and Murali liked the name Strategi with an i. When I started my company in 1996, I just borrowed the name and added the domain of Automation Solutions that I wanted to be in. In 1996, Automation was still in its nascent stages in India and I thought that it would grow in the years to come.

What are the services/ products offered at Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd.? What industries does it cater to?

Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd. designs and manufactures Machine Tending Robots which are used in automobile component manufacturing companies. We also provide customized Factory Automation Solutions to a variety of industries like Automobile, FMCG, Food Processing, etc. Our brief company profile is attached for more information.

With COVID changing the norms of business, will it give expedite the process of automation? And to what extent?

COVID has brought about two opportunities for us: a) Many industries prefer automation solutions now because of social distancing norms b) Due to the acute shortage of manpower after the migrant exodus, many industries are approaching us for automation to maintain stable production.

In the current scenario what is the future of manufacturing in India?

Manufacturing in India is facing challenges due to breakages in the procure to cash cycle. Both customers and suppliers are severely affected and hence it is difficult to keep the cash flow cycle going. With the lockdown being harsh in key cities, it will take time to mend.

What according to you should be the core values/ principles for establishing a business?

Integrity is the main cornerstone of establishing a successful business. If you are honest and keep your customers’ interests uppermost in your mind, success will follow. 

What learnings from IIMB has helped in your entrepreneurial journey?

IIMB gave me the confidence to handle the challenges in my entrepreneurial journey. The institute taught me to handle tough tasks with tight deadlines. Without doubt, the PGP @ IIMB gave me the skills and knowledge to succeed in my entrepreneurial journey.

Any fond remembrance about the institute you would like to share? 

The institute has given me a lifetime of good memories. Both in class and more so outside. We just celebrated our Silver reunion on campus and it was great fun. We felicitated our Professors and it was good to see them after so many years. 

Your favourite quote.

Pursue excellence; success will follow.

To know more please follow the company’s website on or reach them by phone on +91-80-41206806