Giving Back To The Institute – PGP 1992

Alumni Pledge Rupees 2.6 crore to IIMB Batchmate’s Social Initiative¬†

“You give little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

– Kahil Gibran

In the last week of July, PGP students of the 1992 batch came to the campus to celebrate 25th year of reunion. In an effort to give back to their alma mater, nearly 150 alumni have pledged Rs 2.6 crore to IIMB, one of the largest donations made to the institute ever. A part of the sum will go to The Ganga Trust, founded by fellow alumnus S Vaidyanathan, benefitting those suffering from spinal injuries and similar physical disabilities.

Anuradha Narasimhan, former CMO of¬†Britannia¬†and a student of the same batch, said: “A year ago, we began discussions on how should we contribute to our institute. We wanted to be both exclusive (by giving to our alma mater) as well as inclusive (by contributing towards a cause). The Rs 2.6-crore contribution is both to the institute as well as The Ganga Trust. Our batchmates are either writing two separate cheers or picking one of the two for their contributions.”

The batch has also proposed an ideation room in memory of their deceased batchmate Jeetendra Jain, who they recall as someone “always brimming with ideas”.

Our batch is all about diversity. We were the largest batch with 40 women, unheard back then. We are a mix of CEOs, entrepreneurs, film makers and champions of various causes. During our years at IIM-B, some of our batchmates had set up a school on the campus for children of construction labourers,” Anuradha said.

Our Alumni contributions help in improving the institute’s infrastructure, with scholarships, funding for chairs and centers. In return, to keep this engagement with our alumni going, the institute provides the best it can,” Prof. G Raghuram, Director of IIMB said.