Alumni News

Alum Raja Rajamannar, PGP 1985, to Receive Honors at the 2023 Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Raja Rajamannar, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore’s two-year full-time MBA program and a Distinguished Alumnus Awardee (DAA) in 2018, is honored at the Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2023 on June 7th. With over 25 years of extensive experience, including leadership roles at Citigroup, Rajamannar currently serves as the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President of the Healthcare Business at Mastercard. Renowned for his innovative thinking and leadership in business transformation, he has been recognized globally as the ‘WFA Global Marketer of the Year’ and featured on prestigious lists such as Billboard’s ‘Top Branding Power Players’ and Forbes’ ‘World’s Most Influential CMOs.’ Rajamannar’s contributions extend beyond marketing, as he has been a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos and holds a patent in the consumer packaged goods space.

Abhinav Bansal, PGP 2010, Recognized as one of India’s Brightest Young Business Leaders in ET’s 40 Under Forty

Abhinav Bansal, recognized as one of the “40 under 40” by The Economic Times, shared his insights during an interview. According to Abhinav, success is attained when he can end each day with the assurance that he has exerted his utmost effort towards his goals.

He considers a significant turning point in his career to be the moment he began consciously investing in his physical fitness and overall well-being. This choice yielded noticeable enhancements in his daily productivity and long-term sustainability.

The most valuable advice Abhinav has received is the importance of occasionally slowing down to achieve faster progress. Taking the time to pause, reflect, and strategize is crucial for attaining optimal outcomes.

IWD Awards 2023: Celebrating Women’s Remarkable Contributions to Society

IWD Dubai: Celebrating Indian Women’s Achievements with the Largest Women’s Platform

Reema Mahajan, an alumnus of the 2009 batch from IIM Bangalore, founded Indian Women in Dubai (IWD) in 2020. IWD has become the largest and fastest-growing Indian expat women-only platform in Dubai. They are set to host Season 3 of their prestigious award ceremony, honoring the accomplishments of Indian women and their contributions to the IWD community. The event will be attended by renowned Indian dignitaries and celebrities in Dubai. Reema Mahajan, an IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore alumna, is dedicated to empowering women and fostering a culture of support. With over 55,000+ members, IWD continues to grow and unite women in Dubai.

IIRIS Consulting Appoints Maj. Ratnakar Bade, EGMP Alum from Batch 50, as CEO for India

IIRIS Consulting, a prominent Risk Consulting and Intelligence advisory firm, has announced the appointment of Maj. Ratnakar Bade as its new CEO for India. Maj. (Retd) Ratnakar Bade brings with him 26 years of experience in Business Resilience, Risk Governance, Physical Security, Crisis Response, Business Continuity, and Brand Assurance. He has held significant roles in the Indian Military, RBI, Nokia, Microsoft Vietnam, and most recently served as the Senior Director-Business Risk Management for the Flipkart Group. With his expertise in structured risk management programs and innovative solutions, Maj. Ratnakar has made a significant impact on the security industry. IIRIS President, Mr. Garry Singh, expressed his confidence in Maj. Ratnakar’s ability to integrate human and technological solutions effectively, highlighting his reputation as an industry veteran. Maj. Ratnakar’s passion for the industry is further evidenced by his involvement with OSAC Bangalore and TAPA-APAC. IIRIS looks forward to exciting growth under his leadership.