Anusmaran 2018: Gallery of Celebrations

Anusmaran 2018 was celebrated over the past month in 18 locations around the globe, and was visited by 22 faculty of the institute. Below are some moments which were captured for eternity:

Dubai Chapter













Chennai Chapter





















Pune Chapter

The Pune Chapter Anusmaran Function was held on 12th May. Prof. Sourav Mukherji graced the occasion and we had very interesting and lively participation from about 60 alumni and spouses talking about their hobbies, interests and passions (our theme this time was not to introduce oneself professionally but rather to let others know who one is as a person).



















Sydney Chapter

The Sydney Chapter of IIM Bangalore had their Anusmaran event on the 12th May. This is the 7th Year that we have held this event and the number of participants has been growing each year. This year we had over 30 who attended which included alumni and their partners. It was diverse group of people spanningĀ  generations from the earliestĀ  graduates to those who have graduated more recently.Ā  Some have been in this country for many years, but we do see an increasing number of alumni now moving to Sydney and to the other cities in Australia.
We were fortunate to have with us Professor Rahul De who attended the event and shared with us news of IIMB and its future. It was also an opportunity for alumni to meet others from different cohorts, share memories and use the networking opportunity that this event provides.













Singapore Chapter

IIMBians in Singapore got together on 12th May to celebrate camaraderie in Anusmaran 2018, one of the biggest event in the history of Anusmaran with over 100 participants including alumniā€™s family.Ā A lively discussion took place between the faculty Prof Mukta Kulkarni, Prof K Kumar & Prof Souvik Dutta and alumni on how we can strengthen the relationship between the alumni and IIM Bangalore.Ā Anusmaran 2018 was a profound success with stalwarts from 1988 batch to interns & new joiners gracing the event with their presence. A common theme that resonated with everyone was identifying ways to give back to the institute and society. Everyone left with a positive community feeling and a promise to stay in touch. Shijo captured these wonderful alumni moments to cherish them until next Anusmaran 2019.