Anusmaran 2020 kicks off

Anusmaran 2020 kicked off with its first leg of the journey in Hyderabad on 19th Feb’20. Anusmaran is an annual event where the IIMB alumni meet. It is held in different cities worldwide every year. Anusmaran is the time to meet your old friends, bond with alums across batches, network, socialize and get to speed on what is happening in IIMB.

Anusmaran was held in Mumbai on 22nd Feb, in Sydney on 23rd Feb while the Pune and Delhi chapters held the event on 29th Feb.

Anusmaran Hyderabad saw many alums in attendance. Prof. G Raghuram, Director, IIM Bangalore and Parthasarathy S, Head, Alumni Relations were also part of the event. The event was felicitated by Mr. Thomas Govathoti.

Anusmaran Mumbai 2020 was concluded with over 100 Alumni attending the event. The event was attended by Prof K Kumar, Dean Alumni Relations, IIM Bangalore. Some fun quizzing sessions and the Stand-up Comedy by Rivaldo were other key highlights of the event!

Anusmaran Pune event quite wonderful as well, where everyone shared their memorable experiences.

Anusmaran Delhi 2020 had over 100 Alumni attending the event. The event was attended by Prof. G Raghuram, Director, IIM Bangalore, and Mr. Suresh K, Head – Development. During the same event, awards were given to distinguished alums in recognition of their excellent work, in their respective fields. The event beamed with energy as the awardees shared their stories leaving the audience in awe.

The List of Awardees:

Business Management Category-
Rajeev Bakshi
Rajeev Chaba

Entrepreneur Category-
Lokvir Kapoor
Hitesh Oberoi
Sahil Barua
Aseem Garg
Satya Narayanan

Government Category-
Rajit Punhani
Divya Mittal

Social Category-
Meenu Venkateswaran
Shikha Mittal
Sanjeev Sharma