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Business Strategy Demystified: A Practitioner’s Guide to Formulate and Implement Business & Start-Up Strategy – Rohit Chaturvedi, PGP 2003

About Book

Business Strategy Demystified: A Practitioner’s Guide to Formulate and Implement Business & Start-Up Strategy” offers a concise and accessible roadmap for evaluating and developing business strategies. With clear and straightforward language, it caters to business leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, strategy students, and consultants alike. The book provides definitions and examples to simplify complex concepts, ensuring clarity for readers at every stage. Covering fundamental topics relevant to various strategic scenarios, it serves as an indispensable resource for navigating the intricacies of business strategy formulation and implementation. Whether you’re charting the course for an established company or launching a new venture, this guide equips you with the insights and tools needed to make informed strategic decisions and drive sustainable growth.

About the Author

Rohit Chaturvedi is an accomplished consulting professional with over two decades of experience in transport, logistics, infrastructure finance, mobility, and technology. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, with a PGDM (MBA) and a qualification in Electronics Engineering, Rohit has led significant initiatives, including the successful launch of a mobility solution for India’s second-largest cement player and establishing a business consulting vertical in logistics and infrastructure finance at CRISIL Limited.

As a strategic thinker, Rohit founded the award-winning IoT startup, TransportHub, and contributed to KPMG’s intellectual property creation, earning recognition among the top 50 applicants for the India Australia Institute Fellowship. In his role as Advisor – Lead, New Initiatives at Essar, he collaborated on high-impact supply chain and logistics opportunities.

Since 2020, as Founder of RC & Co, Rohit partners with leading consulting firms, providing strategic technology advice to CXOs and promoting the strategic impact of technology on businesses. He has also been a pivotal member of the National Logistics Committee at FICCI, influencing policies across multiple countries. Known for his result-driven approach and expertise in business development, strategic technology application, and team development, Rohit continues to contribute to the industry from Mumbai with his innovative strategies and profound knowledge.

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Commonsense Loyalty Marketing – Mala Raj, PGP 1986

About Book

Commonsense Loyalty Marketing covers the principles and practices of Loyalty Marketing in a practical and easy-to-digest read. The book introduces the concept of Customer Loyalty and what it entails – and then goes on to delve deeper into Loyalty Marketing and what it takes to build lasting loyalty with the customer base. It covers the entire process of conceptualisation, design and implementation of Loyalty Programs with every principle and decision point detailed. It takes a look at upcoming developments to expect in the Loyalty field globally and in India. Filled with learning and examples from the author’s decades of experience as a Loyalty practitioner and her role as a Loyalty Academy™ (US) instructor, the book rests on the premise that when done with careful thinking and eye for detail, Loyalty Marketing is really commonsense – and not that hard! The book is a must-read and a handy reference guide for middle to senior level marketers across organisations, for practitioners of loyalty – loyalty managers in Organisations, loyalty service providers, and for students of marketing.

About the Author

Mala Raj is a Loyalty Marketing Specialist and Practitioner with over three decades of experience working on blue chip brands across verticals and geographies. An IIMB PGDM of 1986, she has designed and audited several Loyalty Programs for brands in India, Middle East and Far East. She has authored white papers on Loyalty, is a regular speaker and panel member at Loyalty Marketing Summits as well as jury member at Loyalty Awards. She is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP™) of the Loyalty Academy™ USA as well as their faculty member. This book is her attempt to document years of loyalty marketing experience in the form of an easy-to-digest, practical guide for students and practitioners of Customer Loyalty.

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The Last Resort (A Harith Athreya Mystery Book 4) – RV Raman, PGP 1984

About Book

There’s blood in the backwaters of Kerala…

BOLLYWOOD Detective Harith Athreya is recuperating in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala when he meets a family of vacationing Bollywood royalty, who ask for his help making a murder mystery film.


But the family is not what it seems- there are rumours of major money troubles, links to organised crime, and rivalry between the scions.


When one of them is found dead, murdered exactly like a victim in the film, Athreya puts his holiday on hold to solve the case. Is this the work of an angry co-star, or something more sinister?


Praise for the Harith Athreya SeriesHugely engaging‘ SUNDAY TIMES

‘A slice of sheer pleasure‘ OBSERVER

‘Like stepping back to the Golden age of the classic mystery‘ RHYS BOWEN

‘An impressive whodunnit’ INDEPENDENT

‘Athreya is a fine detective‘ NEW YORK TIMES

About the Author

After four corporate thrillers, I’ve turned to writing a series of murder mysteries (whodunits) with a new protagonist (Harith Athreya). This series takes readers to picturesque places in the vast Indian countryside that people don’t often visit. While the first, A WILL TO KILL, is set in a colonial mansion in the misty hills of the Nilgiris, the second (A DIRE ISLE / GRAVE INTENTIONS) is set in a remote riverbank in Bundelkhand. The third (PRAYING MANTIS) and fourth (THE LAST RESORT) are set in the Himalayan foothills and the backwaters of Kerala respectively.

I’ve tried to model these novels on the Golden Age Mysteries, while keeping them current with modern technology like mobile phones. And, as is the case with all my writing, I eschew vulgarity and profanity so that my stories are appropriate for readers of all ages. The only exception is the rare cuss-word that is used as an intensifier for emphasis.

Meanwhile, I am also experimenting with short stories (crime) set in contemporary India. Some of them (AMAVAS and GULSHAN PANDEY, UNWITTING ACCOMPLICE) are available on Amazon.


After a corporate career spanning four decades and as many continents, I’ve moved away from full time roles to pursue my other interests, including writing. Tired of extensive physical travel, I now prefer less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of my own creation.

Find me at

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Accidental Gamblers: Risk and Vulnerability in Vidarbha Cotton – Thiagu Ranganathan, PGP 2006

About Book

Vidarbha – a major cotton growing region in central India has been the epicentre of a protracted agrarian crisis. Chronic indebtedness and farmers’ suicides continue unabated despite decades of state intervention. Going beyond the contemporary discourse that finds fault in neoliberal policies and integration with global markets, this fascinating book tells the story of how nineteenth century ‘accidents’ particularly in the form of colonial policies and the American Civil War ushered in institutional transformations that shaped the region’s cotton economy. By drawing insights from their longitudinal study in villages of the region spanning 12 years, Gaurav and Ranganathan present the ‘gambles’ that farmers are part of. The novelty of combining a long view of history and evidence based on primary field research results in a book that underscores the importance of investigating roots of agrarian crisis and paying attention to adjustments of farm households, at a crucial juncture in India’s economic transformation.

About the Author

Sarthak Gaurav is a faculty in Economics at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. He began researching risk and vulnerability of agricultural households in Vidarbha and Gujarat since 2008 as part of his PhD at IGIDR, Mumbai. His postdoctoral research at the London School of Economics and CSH, New Delhi was on the Palanpur longitudinal village study. He cofounded the Behavioural Lab and GISE Hub at IIT Bombay.

Thiagu Ranganathan is a faculty at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Since his PhD at the IIT Bombay, he has worked on issues in agricultural economics and development economics including agricultural price risk management and implications of water scarcity on rural livelihood diversification.

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