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A Field Trip to Space – Write-Along Book – Saurabh Akhauri, PGP 2004

About the Book

The 2nd Book in Write-Along Stories – Books where every reader is also an author. Through this Write-Along book, embark on a captivating journey through space. The book has been designed to spark the storyteller within you. Immerse yourself in a limitless world where each page invites exploration, dreams, and creation. Nova Constellis, an adventurous sixteen-year-old, gets selected to go on a field trip to space. A routine mission to collect comet rock samples with seasoned astronauts takes an unexpected turn as the comet alters its course. What else happens to Nova? Well, that’s in your hands! As the co-author of this Write-Along Story, shape Nova’s space expedition by weaving thrilling plot twists and solving problems. Discover your inner storyteller in every chapter of this space voyage. Your next adventure awaits in this newest Write-Along Story Book – a haven for readers, a playground for authors, and a celebration of the boundless power of words.

About the Author

Saurabh Akhauri started his writing journey in 2003 with a short story that got recognized at the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland. Having lived in India and the USA, playing multiple corporate leaderships roles for over 20 years, Saurabh started writing stories again as a fun weekend exercise with his son and daughter.

Inspired by endless stream of ideas from his children, he created world’s first Write-Along Story Book, “Fearless Sia and The Mystery of The Spooky Mansion” to fire creativity in children globally. Everyone who picks Saurabh’s book, becomes a Co-Author by creating a story that’s made unique with their own characters, ideas, conversations, and nail-biting climax. While the writing part in Saurabh’s book is highly engaging, it also works towards improving the ability to express, self-confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, emotional well being along with empathy, and leadership in the readers & co-authors.

Putting together his learnings from IIM and IIT along with his professional experience with multinational firms, Saurabh believes that these skills when practiced in the Write-Along way will enable success in multiple spheres of life and prepare one for a better future.

With a Write-Along book in your hands, you become a Reader, a Creator, a Problem Solver, and an Author. Many among us wish to be an author, the Write-Along concept gives everyone an opportunity to make the wish of being an Author come true.

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