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Fearless Sia and The Mystery of the Spooky Mansion, Write-Along – Saurabh Akhauri, PGP 2004

About the Book

Write-Along Stories – Fearless Sia and the Mystery of the Spooky Mansion A one-of-a-kind story book for the young reader and author in you! Twelve-year-old Sia Havmore lives in Oldsville, a sleepy little town where nothing exciting happens. All that changes, however, when Sia goes to the Summer Carnival. She gets into some serious trouble when an evil magician traps her in a creepy mansion! What else happens to Sia? Well, that’s in your hands! In this Write-Along Story Book, you will be the co-author of Sia’s adventures – you get to create your own characters, write your own dialogue, craft exciting plot twists and so much more! And if you’re a first-time author, the book has plenty of tips and ideas to fire up your writing skills! All you need is a pencil, your writer’s hat, and a whole lot of imagination! It’s time to write an unforgettable adventure story!

About the Author

My journey as a book author started in the summer of 2021 with one of the school assignments of my kids. The assignment required them to create a book cover. My daughter took an A4 sheet and drew a large circle at the center of the page and sketched a mansion inside the circle. She then filled the remaining blank space on the page with some crooked lines that resembled trees.

Soon after, I was asked, “how’s my book cover looking?”. Not able to make much sense out of it, I took the easy way out and asked her to color it. The circle got colored black, the house got colored purple and the trees got colored black. The sheet was duly returned for my interpretation once more.

As I was scratching my head to figure out the book cover drawing, she enlightened me that this cover is for a book on a Spooky Mansion. Now that the assignment was complete, I though a smart way to keep them busy was to ask them to write a short story based on the cover. Little did I realize that it would give birth to a whole new world of Write-Along Story Books.

As the kids started writing the story, it was easy to agree on its settings but when it came to juicy details, we had endless discussions and debates on fixing characters and events. All of us had ideas that could make the story equally interesting, adventurous, and magical.

It made me think if our story books today can give us the flexibility to script parts of the story; add our characters; introduce new twists-n-turns; the stories and the books would last with us forever. The thought let to creation of our first write along book – Fearless Sia and The Mystery of the Spooky Mansion. Its one book with unlimited possibilities to create and re-create a story to make it the best one ever. I hope you would enjoy this book like no other.

Go ahead, enter the magical world of “Write Along” stories with one of a kind Write-Along story book – Fearless Sia and The Mystery of the Spooky Mansion.

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Ease: How to Lose Weight, Heal, Prevent and Reverse Disease, Dr. Mythri Shankar, MPWE 2013

About the Book –

“Ease” is a well-researched, easy read by an internationally renowned, board-certified lifestyle medicine physician (with over 25 years of experience both in India and the US) who was diagnosed with diabetes and had been managing it herself without medications. The arduously obtained knowledge enables you to understand how to nourish your body with nutrients, cherish your lives with joy and gratitude, and flourish without succumbing to the perils of common modern lifestyle ailments (excess weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, inflammation, memory loss, disorders of the gut and bones).
“Ease” helps you build the skills needed to find grassroots-level effective solutions and transform how you cook, eat (PBLFWF /predominantly vegan diet), exercise effectively, manage stress and relationships peacefully, sleep better, etc. This book is for everyone – whether you are a patient, a fellow doctor, a nutritionist, or a health coach. Includes practical tips & tools, real-life case examples, and illustrations with proven insights.

About the Author –

Dr. Mythri Shankar, MBBS, MD (USA), IBLM.

  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.
  • Specialized in Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear Cardiology, Nuclear Oncology, Theranostics, Radioisotope Therapies and Osteoporosis.
  • NABH Auditor (MIS).
  • Co-Founder – The Green Foundation India.
  • Creative Head – The Green Hub.
  • Author.
  • TEDx Speaker.
  • Rotarian.
  • Mother and award-winning organic gardener.
  • Environmentalist and health activist.
  • Predominantly Vegan.
  • Culinary Medicine and fitness enthusiast.

Dr. Shankar is a nuclear medicine specialist in Bangalore with over 25 years of clinical experience and expertise in her niche field across the USA and India. She works in her highly specialized niche of nuclear medicine, spanning nuclear cardiology, nuclear oncology, theranostics, radioisotope therapies, and osteoporosis.

Dr. Shankar wears many hats. She’s an author, TEDx speaker, and a national-award-winning organic gardener. She is armed with a desire to practice evidence-based medicine both in the diagnostic and therapeutic arena of modern medicine. She is a renowned women’s health activist and an entrepreneur (IIM-B alumni). As the Founder Trustee of the Osteoporosis Foundation, India, she has worked towards raising awareness on bone health and introducing newer
equipment and treatments in India for osteoporosis, Body Fat and Bone Density testing.

As a physician, she has always emphasized continued education and the constant pursuit of excellence. What sets her apart is her patientfriendly focus on healthcare delivery, with the belief that every human has a chance at disease reversal or mitigation through a multipronged approach that involves, among other things, the right food as medicine.

Dr. Shankar received her postgraduate residency graduate training at DVAMC-UCLA (Division of Veteran Affairs, University of California Los Angeles, USA), where she also served as a Chief Resident in her final year of training. She has had extensive training in her specialty from various prestigious institutions, such as UCLA, Cedars Sinai, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, King-Drew University, University of Texas and Harvard Medical School.

Her experience has enabled the integration of the most appropriate protocol selection while performing sophisticated radioactive injection procedures. She is reputed for her high standards of technical skills and for her professional style of working as a team member with physicians throughout the community.

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