Book Releases

Manoj Nakra , alumnus of PGP 1984 have published a book about entrepreneurship, “A 1000 days adventure”

About the book :

Entrepreneur Journeys: The Crafting of Business

Social representation of entrepreneurship is naive. Successful entrepreneurs are visionaries, adept at identifying opportunity, planning, implementing and realizing the opportunity. The reality of business creation is very different. An entrepreneur starts with his skills, vision and commitment. He has self-confidence in a business that doesn’t exist. He believes that he can do it without having done it before. He has to sustain his belief over time, whatever the challenges. And evoke the same belief in customers, suppliers and stakeholders. His focus is implementation. He has setbacks when ideas don’t work. He has to remain upbeat. Perseverance needs courage and conviction amidst uncertainty and often desperation. Entrepreneurs are always grappling with dichotomous ideas; should they trust the path they are on or change direction? Creation of business is a capability that entrepreneurs learn on-the-job. The way entrepreneurs work and think is a significant variable in the creation of a new business. The hypothesis of the book is that entrepreneurship is not only about ‘what’ successful entrepreneurs’ do, ‘who’ they are or ‘whom’ they know, but more importantly about ‘how’ they do it. The entrepreneurial process revealed in the interviews has universal application as a way of entrepreneurship. It expands the potential of entrepreneurship. Methods of working and thinking are free resources accessible to everyone. Therefore, everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Ideas and opportunities emerge from a way of thinking and doing. Implementation is graduation in entrepreneurship. The book is based on a collection of startup journeys of entrepreneurs. The book captures the thoughts and behaviors of a pre-success entrepreneur. There is a difference in how these moments are experienced by entrepreneurs as they occur and read by others ex post facto.



Srinivas Mahankali (SM) is an Alumnus of IIT Madras and  IIM Bangalore (PGP 1990) with over 25 years of corporate experience including CXO level experiences as the head of Indian and Multinational IT Organisations.

 In the book ‘Blockchain – The Untold Story’, he aims to demystify the new technological paradigms that are captivating the world today, to enable all to embrace them as a new religion. After all, only this, will guarantee that we all can continue to thrive in the fast paced world.

Dedicated to all those curious and passionate about Blockchain & have strived hard to take the benefit of Blockchain paradigm to all the stake holders, this work is the first book to:

  1. Trace the origin of internet to Blockchains of the future & written like a story to make the Blockchain concept well understood in the right perspective and context of digital world’s challenges!
  2. To talk about Blockchain 1.0 to Blockchain 4.0
  3. To comprehensively link Blockchain development process to process excellence methodologies
  4. To trace and link the DNA of Blockchain paradigm to real world entities
  5. To discuss comprehensively the relation of Blockchain to the cutting-edge technologies today
  6. To discuss the role of the leading global technology organisations in promoting the Blockchain ecosystems
  7. To focus on taking the knowledge of Blockchain to the real investors of the Blockchain and offer the rationale of doing so, the corporate user group & the Governments.
  8. To offer a balanced perspective on cryptoasset based and enterprise Blockchains
  9. Focus on the impact of Blockchain technology on the human resources function through a comprehensive case study.
  10. Written by a technology evangelist experienced in both technology and Business development roles as both a customer and marketer.

The book Blockchain- The Untold story is listed and available at Amazon & BPB portals. The links are given below: