Book Release by IIMB Faculty

The book ‘Unbundling the Sixth Sense: Explorations in Spirituality and Management’, co-edited by Professor Ramnath Narayanswamy from the Economics & Social Sciences area of IIMB, was launched by Shri Chiranjiv Singh, former Ambassador of India to UNESCO in Paris and Indian Administrative Service officer of the 1969 batch, at IIM Bangalore on March 16, 2018.

The book, published by Sampada Publications, is co-edited by Professor Yochanan Altman and Professor Sunita Singh Sengupta.

Introducing the chief guest, Professor Charan Singh, faculty at IIMB, said: “Shri Chiranjiv Singh is a spiritual person passing through a human experience, and is the right person for the launch of a book such as this one.”

Addressing the gathering after releasing the book, Chiranjiv Singh said, “This is a subject after my heart. When I was Director-General of the Administrative Training Institute, I tried to include ethics and values in the curriculum and I used to invite Mr. JC Lynn, my mentor in service and the gold standard for ethical behaviour and administration, to address the officers. But strangely, after Mr Lynn spoke on the subject, all the questions addressed to him were only about promotions and postings!”

“For some years now I have been contemplating what my generation can leave behind for generation to come this is how the idea of Sampada series on business management came to take shape in my mind. In the next three years I intend to organize publication of at least 25 high quality textbooks in whole host of diverse areas from leadership, creativity and spirituality to mainstream functional areas of management as well as expand the theme to include even more diverse domains in such areas as Indian history, Indian literature and Indian heritage issues. The central idea lies in expanding the hearts and minds of aspiring and practicing managers with a view to sensitizing them and deepening their knowledge of the times we live in. This is the mission I have set myself for the next three years and with the grace of almighty, I hope I would be able to accomplish them. I hope you find these offerings useful and meaningful to you” says Prof. Ramnath.

About the Book:

The book offers an insight into the link between spirituality and management in a cross-cultural context. With
authors hailing from across Asia, Europe and the United States of America, as well as dealing with a range of topics
from workplace spirituality and corporate leadership, to business education and individual accounts of spiritual
journeys, this compendium offers a spectrum of views, ideas and approaches towards imagining andpracticingspiritualityin management.

Chapters of this book present current debates on spirituality and deal with the workplace, employee engagement, leadership and organizational sustainability. Concepts such as ‘spiritual leadership’ are explored to gain insight into “blind spots” that leaders should address in their managerial capacity. Experiential accounts of spiritual journeys and transformation are recounted. The perceived conflict between rational, moral and spiritual approaches to life and  leadership are fleshed out. Attempts to integrate western and Indian views of workplace spirituality as well as to understand the ancient roots of modern business practices in India are made in order to develop robust paths towards organizational sustainability. This collection also explores the ‘how’ part of setting objectives, going about obtaining these objectives, and harnessing suitable resources in the process – physical, monetary and human.

The book will be available at Sapna Book House in all its branches (14 branches in Karnataka and 2 in
Coimbatore), the campus bookshops at IIMB and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, as well as other leading stores.

The book is  available online in India at

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