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About the Author:

K M Chandrashekaran (PGP 1976) holds qualifications from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, where he contributed several articles and poems to the Institute’s first magazine. He has worked with Engineers India Limited and with companies of the Sarabhai group. He was also a software consultant for many years, and handled projects for a diverse group of clients, such as in the aviation, education and oil sectors.
He has had a life-long interest in all matters Indian, especially the spiritual and philosophical traditions. In pursuing this interest, he was instrumental in setting up Yoga Alliance International, the first world-wide Indian certification organisation for yoga schools along with the well-known yoga guru, Swami Vidyanand.
He has always been fond of reading and could be frequently found browsing at libraries in Bangalore in his youth. Having grown up in a musical household, he has regularly attended Carnatic and Hindustani classical music concerts, and nowadays, during the off-season, he likes listening to vintage recordings of the greats. 

Some of you might find one or both of these books, which I have recently published, of some interest. Both these books are available as print and e-book editions on Amazon and other platforms. I am happy to share the links to both of these books. 
There’s a book on Yoga, called “YOGATMA – the Spirit of Yoga” which explores the spiritual aspects of Yoga. 

About YOGATMA – The Spirit of Yoga:
This book seeks to enhance the quality of the practice and teaching of Yoga through an introductory exploration of the multi-layered character of Yoga. Those seriously interested in the spirit of authentic Yoga traditions and those who acknowledge that there is something more to Yoga than just asana and pranayama will find this book of some interest. 
Comment on this book from Dr.Jayant Kudva, Adjunct Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Practice. Education, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, USA :
“I just finished reading YOGATMA. It was a joy to read. I commend you for writing an elegant, clear and beautiful book. I am not particularly religious, but from your book, I got a better understanding and appreciation of Yoga and Hinduism.” 

Please click here to get your copy on Amazon India and Amazon US.

This collection of short stories, set in the final decades of the last millennium, offer a glimpse of an earlier, gentler time, before the arrival of the ubiquitous mobile phone and before the Internet and 24-hour TV began to dominate our lives. An assortment of characters, a range of locales and a variety of genres form a part of this eclectic and engaging collection. Readers seeking an escape from their hectic lifestyles will find these stories a joy to read and will re-discover the old-world magic of words written to entertain.
Comment on this book from Achal Raghavan, Adjunct Faculty, IIM-B“…Just started reading the book, and I am hooked…Outstanding.”

Please click here to get your copy on Amazon India and Amazon US.