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Nayanika Mahatani, PGP 1992, a copywriter by day and a storyteller by night has launched her latest¬†book -“The Gory Story of Genghis Khan” a.k.a. Don’t Mess with the Mongols.

She studied her MBA at IIM Bengaluru and became an investment banker. A decade later, she followed her heart to live in Africa. She lives in London with her husband, two daughters and their two goldfish named Sushi and Fishfinger. The author has been invited as a speaker at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in Jaipur and at London.

The book, The Gory Story of Genghis Khan is armed with an intriguing tale, fabulously foul facts, wonderfully wacky illustrations and our time-travelling commentator Yakkety Yak’s appalling jokes, Nayanika Mahtani sets out to explore whether Genghis Khan really was the evil villain that he is often made out to be. The book is full of information and is humorously light.

Nayanika’s debut novel, Ambushed, an adventure set in Tiger territory in the Himalayan foothills,¬†was published by Puffin in April 2015.¬†It was the photo of a tiger and a poacher that compelled her to write her debut novel Ambushed in 2015 about an adventure in the wild.

An irreverent look at one of the history’s most feared characters. Sure to make kids relook at one of the most dreaded school subjects – history“- Sanjeev Sanyal, Indian economist, bestselling writer, environmentalist, and urban theorist.

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Anvita Bajpai, MPWE 2009, speaker,author, and founder of MyD, has launched her latest book “I feel … I think … Pages from My Diary.”

An alumna of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore with over 13 years of R&D experience with MNCs like Oracle, Satyam, and Wipro, and with startups like Decidyn (as AVP), Vimagino and her own ventures, the author has published research papers, filed patents, and written business and technology articles. She has been a speaker at leading conferences such as UXINDIA (2013, 2014), WIAD 2015, Developer Summit 2015 and RSD 2016, and has also presented guest lectures at IIM Bangalore. 

The book “I FEEL‚Ķ I THINK‚Ķ Pages from My Diary”¬†is a placeholder for a rich collection of articles on topics for inspiration and self-help, including current affairs, everyday experiences, business & technology, parenting, and general observations on life and self. ¬†This book is the work of a writer who integrates her left and right brain for holistic problem-solving. Whether she is thinking of solutions to real-life problems or writing creatively to promote awareness that touches the heart, Anvita Bajpai stirs her readers to new levels of insight and understanding.

Her first book, Life, Odds & Ends, was inspired by a social study that she had conducted for one of her technology products. In the form of fictional short stories, she I expressed her contextual observations about balancing personal and work lives in our rapidly changing world. Anvita’s second book, Turning Points of Uncommon People, is a collection of real-life stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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