COVID 19 – IIMB Student Warriors

IIMB Corona Warriors are continuously trying to help in a difficult situation and provide any means of relief to the needy. In serving the migrant workers who have set their journeys back home on foot, with blisters in their feet and the most tragic life stories, these laborers have long distances to walk and many hurdles to cross. Many locals and social bodies are coming forward to try and ease the pain of these migrants and whatever capacity possible. Students of IIMB are not left far behind. Prateek Goyal, a PGP student at IIMB, is a COVID Warrior who did his bit to help the migrant laborers. 

Prateek Goyal is a PGP student at IIM Bangalore and is presently undergoing virtual internship at NRI Consulting from his home in Ambala City, Haryana. He witnessed the heart wrecking, vulnerable condition of the laborers who left from Ludhiana, Punjab on foot with children towards their hometowns in UP, Bihar during COVID-19 lockdown. The awful conditions of their caravans compelled him to think of a way to provide some respite to them.

Prateek along with one of his schoolmates decided to go for a fund-raising to provide some refreshments to the migrant people. They extensively used social platforms like – WhatsApp, social media to appeal and gather the support of locals and their contacts. The funds raised by them were used to provide Tea, Bread, Mango juice, Candies, Glucose and Soap. Further, they collaborated with the social workers of Gurudwara Gurusar Sahib to provide morning meal and lassi to the migrants staying in the temporary settlement at Shri Ram Mandir Dharamshala, Ambala City.

In the whole exercise of around six days, they were able to touch around 325 distressed people on a daily basis. Worthy to mention is the support and the intent displayed by the student community of IIM Bangalore to help their batchmate in the fundraising without which this noble cause would not be materialized.

We salute the efforts of Prateek, IIMB Students and all others who are tirelessly doing the right thing as socially responsible people and reestablishing the faith in humanity.