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Col Prasanna Kumar

Vishwa Jhanani is a non-profit organization, which aims to help needy children & women through our various programs to make their lives better. Our prime focus are women & children who are in desperate need of helping hand including female infant, girl child, adolescent, mothers, destitute women, battered women and elderly women with no support.

Vishwa Jhanani is a Registered Trust, led and run by the following Trustees:

Col Prasanna Kumar. An Army veteran and an IIMB alumnus, from EGMP XIV B batch, he is now a serial Entrepreneur, running companies in the Healthcare sector, Management Consulting area, Training industry and Security Solutions industry.

Ms Sunitha Raghav. A B.Com and BBA graduate, she has over 15 years of corporate experience in HR and Healthcare management. She has been associated with senior citizens’ care and Child & Women Development area for last eight years and is the Managing Trustee of Vishwa Jhanani.

Ms Sindhu Nair. An Industry veteran with 20 years of experience in Business Development, Branding and corporate sales in service sector and out-of-home sector. She has extensively worked with hospitality sector.

The ‘TRUST’ has been formed to primarily focus on the ‘GIRL CHILD’ and ‘WOMEN EMPOWERMENT’ but the scope of activities extend to help all the underprivileged irrespective of class or gender. Broadly the TRUST focuses on: 

  • Educating the girl child Providing necessities like clothes / uniforms / books for girl child
  • Helping girls / women with vocational courses making them employable
  • Counselling and help for students who want to study further Helping people who are looking for jobs
  • Helping LBGT (Lesbians / Bisexuals / Gays / Transsexuals) integrate with society
  • Helping the elderly who have been abandoned. Helping women to get jobs like maids

In the times of global COVID-19 pandemic, Vishwa Jhanani has expanded it’s area of work and supplements the government’s efforts to contain the spread of infection. Most vulnerable sections of the society are the Frontline workers, especially the Hygiene  and Sanitation workers. In BBMP limits, there are over 30,000 Pourakarmikas (Sanitation Workers) and 10000 additional unorganised/ contract workers who help keep Bangalore clean. They carry a high risk of infection.

To help them stay safe from infections, Vishwa Jhanani launched a project, ‘Help Those Who Help Us’ in Jun 2020. Idea is to distribute free Gloves and Masks to all Pourakarmikas on contract role with BBMP.

In Phase 1, with support of Bangalore’s citizens and corporates like Meredith India Services Pvt. Ltd. we were able to distribute 1400 masks and 1400 pairs of gloves to around 700 Pourakarmikas across 5 wards of BBMP. This was well appreciated by both the workers and the officials of BBMP.

Phase 2 of this project started in August 2020 and we plan to cover another 700 to 800 Sanitation workers in 4-5 Wards of BBMP. On 24 August, over 200 workers were given Masks and Gloves in one ward. More wards are planned to be covered in the coming weeks and months.

We look forward to generous contributions from our friends and conscious citizens of Bangalore. IIMB Alumni, their families, friends and acquaintances are welcome to join the effort through their time and monetary contribution.

I can be contacted at below coordinates.

Col Prasanna Kumar, EGMP XIV B

+91 9449827018