Last Lecture 2023 Draws a Full House

Professor Chetan Subramanian, who is a Professor of Economics and the Dean of Faculty, recently delivered the “Last Lecture” to the PGP and PGPBA Class of 2023 on a beautiful evening at the Open-Air Theatre. In his address, he playfully asked what advice he could offer to students who had already secured their dream jobs and excelled in their placements. He jokingly remarked that no matter what they achieved, they would still fall short of parental expectations, citing his own experience with his father who still asks him when he will get a “real” job despite obtaining a Ph.D. and years of research, publication, and teaching.

Professor Subramanian then shared several valuable life lessons with the students, including the importance of building strong relationships with peers, maintaining politeness in all interactions (both professional and personal), being discerning about choosing companions for life’s journey, and embracing the thrill of life’s unpredictability and excitement.

WHO Technical Consultation in Belgrade, Serbia Develops Global Curriculum for Infodemic Management; Dr. Deepti Ganapathy Joins as Participant

Prof. Deepti Ganapathy, Chairperson and Area Chair (Management Communication) at IIM Bangalore, was invited by the WHO for a global initiative to train infodemic managers and identify pilot universities for the WHO collaborating center process. WHO established Infodemic Management during the pandemic to mitigate the consequences of the evolving information ecosystem. Prof. Ganapathy has led a webinar on “Communication in Times of Uncertainty” and published a book chapter on Twitter communication and desirable public health behavior during a pandemic. She has designed and delivered the first course on “Health Communication” at IIM Bangalore. Prof. Ganapathy has also been appointed as an Affiliate Faculty at George Mason University in the US to work on Climate Change and Health projects with leading researchers and universities in the US from Jan 2023 to Jan 2024.

Corporate Leaders Speak to IIMB Students as Part of OB&HRM Course

Ms Suchita Sharma, Assurance Partner in Price Waterhouse; Prof. Gopal P Mahapatra, Faculty from the OB & HRM area, IIMB, and Mr Govindraj MK, Vice President Human Resources, Flipkart, at the panel discussion hosted as part of the course, ‘Managing Career Success and Transition’ on 8th March 2023, at IIMB.

As part of the “Managing Career Success and Transition” course, Professor Gopal Mahapatra moderated a panel discussion on March 8, 2023, featuring Govindraj M K, Vice President of Human Resources at Flipkart, and Suchita Sharma, an Assurance Partner at Price Waterhouse. During the session, Ms. Sharma shared insights from her more than 30 years of client service experience, including her role on the Global Assurance Quality Inspection Specialist Team and as the Assurance Ethics Compliance Officer and CSR Oversight Partner for North. Mr. Govindraj, an experienced HR leader with over 20 years of experience across multiple high-growth organizations, shared his expertise from his roles as an HR leader in India, Singapore (APAC region), and Dubai (Middle East region), where he served as a trusted advisor and influencer on senior leadership teams.

A Productive Partnership: IIMB and SWAYAM Collaborate Successfully for Five Years

SWAYAM is a digital learning platform launched by the Government of India that provides access to numerous courses on various subjects from different universities across India. The main objective of this initiative is to offer the best teaching and learning resources to remote areas for free.

IIMB is among the nine national coordinators of SWAYAM and has been offering more than 50 courses on the platform since 2017. Other universities and institutions across India send their proposals to IIMBx, which is the digital learning vertical of IIMB. The proposals are scrutinized for quality and content before being accepted. IIMBx also conducts workshops on designing, developing, and delivering MOOCs on the SWAYAM platform every semester.

On average, 25 IIMB MOOCs run on the platform each year, reaching approximately 9 lakh students in the last five years. This year, there has been a record increase in enrollments, with almost 3 lakh students joining for the January 2023 batch.

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