Events @ IIMB

STEP UP – A Run for Pedestrian Safety

IIM Bangalore’s Executive General Management Programme (EGMP), in collaboration with the IIMB Alumni Association (IIMBAA), organized the ‘STEP UP – A Run for Pedestrian Safety’ awareness campaign on 11th February 2024, aligning with the ‘2024 Year of the Pedestrian’. Held at the scenic IIMB campus on Bannerghatta Road, the event featured both a 2K and 5K run, aiming to raise awareness about pedestrian safety issues and advocate for more pedestrian-friendly policies in urban planning.

The campaign, aptly named STEP UP, seeks to shift the focus from vehicle-centric to pedestrian-centric policy-making, addressing the challenges faced by pedestrians in bustling city environments. Funds generated from registration fees, sponsorships, and voluntary donations during the event will be channeled towards supporting pedestrian safety programs and initiatives.

Prof. Sourav Mukherji, Dean of Alumni Relations & Development at IIMB, flagged off the run, joined by esteemed guests including Chief Guest Shiva Prakash Devaraju, IPS, and Subodh Patil, Deputy Director of IIMBAA (Bangalore Chapter). The event attracted participation from around 350 individuals, including enthusiastic runners from diverse backgrounds, as well as children from EKA Inclusion, an organization catering to the needs of adolescents with special requirements.

IIMB Faculty Member Joins Expert Panel for CII Karnataka Leadership Summit

Dr. Deepti Ganapathy, Chairperson of the Centre for Management Communication at IIM Bangalore, recently participated in the ‘CEOs Agenda’ panel during the CII Karnataka Leadership Summit in Bangalore. Moderated by former Chairman of CII Karnataka, Ramesh Ramadurai, the panel discussed aligning organizational goals with national objectives. Dr. Ganapathy emphasized the importance of communication in this alignment, advocating for CEOs to engage not only within their organizations but also with their broader value chain. She highlighted the need for businesses to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for India’s young population, stressing the significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in future workplaces. Dr. Ganapathy underscored the role of communication in managing stakeholder perceptions and addressing gaps in engagement. Other panelists included Supriya Salian, Alind Saxena, and Parag Sharma, representing diverse sectors and perspectives.

Guest Lecture on Blockchain in Technology and Innovation Strategy by Subodh Sharma, Associate Professor of Computer Science at IIT Delhi

Professor Subodh Sharma, an esteemed Associate Professor of Computer Science at IIT Delhi, recently presented a guest lecture on Blockchain within the Technology and Innovation Strategy elective led by Dr. Nilam Kaushik at IIMB. During the session, Professor Sharma delved into the technological intricacies that underpin Blockchain, emphasizing its pivotal role in ensuring security and reliability. He elaborated on Blockchain’s renowned Unique Selling Points (USPs) and explored its current applications across various industries. Furthermore, the lecture scrutinized the prerequisites for successful Blockchain implementation, identified key limitations impeding its widespread adoption, and provided valuable insights into its future trajectory.

IIMBX Introduces Courses on the iGot Karmayogi Platform

IIMBx, the digital learning arm of IIM Bangalore, has expanded its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to a new platform – iGOT Karmayogi, an online learning platform tailored for government officials. Initially, IIMBx has introduced three courses on this platform: Effective Business Communication, Statistical Literacy, and Digital Marketing Strategy. This initiative serves as a pilot project aimed at providing valuable learning opportunities to bureaucrats and enhancing their skill sets.

Panel Discussion on “Polarized Rhetoric: Nationalism, Cultural Identities, and Conflicts” Hosted by Mizuho India Japan Study Centre

The Mizuho India Japan Study Centre (MIJSC) at IIM Bangalore hosted a webinar titled, ‘Polarized Rhetoric Driven by Nationalism, Cultural Identities, and Conflicts: Building Bonds through Focused Interventions’, as part of its panel presentation series: ‘Meijin-Samvad’, that is, ‘Expert-Conversation’, on 31st January 2024.

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