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EGMP Annual Summit – 2nd Edition

Super excited to announce The Second Edition of the EGMP Annual Summit. The EGMP Annual Summit is an event by EGMP for EGMP, organised with support of IIMBAA Bangalore Chapter. This high profile event has a line-up of very exciting topics and high profile EGMP Speakers. 

The EGMP Annual Summit will be inaugurated by Dignitaries – Prof. Rishikesha (Director IIMB), Prof. Kumar (Dean of Alumni Relations), Harish Mittal (IIMBAA President) and distinguished dignitaries. The event is organized in an Online format because of the current pandemic situation.

The Executive General Management Program is growing stronger and has its 55th batch undergoing the course currently. EGMP Alumni always has shown great participation in various Alumni activities. ā€˜EGMP Executive Committee under IIMBAA Bangalore Chapter is working towards bigger engagement and collaborations and strengthening the bonding among EGMP as well as IIMB Alumni across programsā€™, said Amit Tyagi, Director, IIMBAA Bangalore Chapter.

ā€˜The event is themed around #UpTheGame, which is an apt theme post challenging 2020. #AlumForAlum is the need of an hour to extend helping hand and #UpTheGame and creating bigger success. With this theme, it would be an exciting few hours spent with Fellow EGMP Alums.ā€™, said the Subodh Patil, Convener of the Event and Dy. Director of IIIMBAA Bangalore Chapter.

Exec Committee Members, who would be leading various aspects of The EGMP Annual Summit are:

Pramod Namjundaswami (EGMP23) – Program []

Manjunath SP (EGMP 37) – Event Marketing and Registration []

Anil Radhakrishnan (EGMP 43)- Souvenir and Content []

Sunil VV (EGMP 15) – Group Engagement []


IIMB to host an international virtual conference on ā€˜Resource Mobilization Challenges and the Climate Finance Architecture in the Aftermath of Covid 19ā€™ on February 10

IIMB will host an International virtual conference on ā€˜Resource Mobilization Challenges and the Climate Finance Architecture in the Aftermath of Covid 19ā€™, on Feb 10, 2021, at 08.15 pm. Prof. A Damodaran of the Economics & Social Sciences area of IIMB will lead the conference.IIM Bangalore will host an international virtual conference onĀ ā€˜Resource Mobilization Challenges and the Climate Finance Architecture in the Aftermath of Covid 19ā€™, on February 10 (Wednesday), 2021, at 08.15 pm.Ā ProfessorĀ A DamodaranĀ of theĀ Economics & Social Sciences area of IIMB will lead the conference.Ā IIM Bangalore has pioneered studies on environmental financing, climate financing and biodiversity financing since 2008.Ā 

A panel of policymakers, experts and financiers specialized in climate finance drawn from international and national settings will participate in the conference.Ā 

The webinar seeks to discuss the following issues: the crisis of Climate Financing in a COVID 19 world; relooking Climate Finance strategy for resource mobilization to implement National Determined Contributions (NDCs); new norms of project financing to accelerate early-stage financing of new enterprises, and in the light of the pandemic and efforts in the realm of digital currencies, if we need to revisit the conventional financial architecture of Climate Financing for fulfilling the goals of Article 9 of the Paris Agreement.

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India Japan Study Centreā€™s ā€˜Tatsujin-Speakā€™ seminar led by Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki successfully completed on 22nd Jan 2021

The India Japan Study Centre (IJSC) at IIMB hosted the ā€˜Tatsujin-Speakā€™ webinar, led by the former Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Astronaut and NASA Mission Specialist Naoko Yamazaki, on Friday, 22nd January 2021. Yamazaki San gave a one-hour virtual talk titled, #Space4SDGss; What Can Space Science and Technology Teach Us about Sustainabilityā€™, where she explained that in order to expand human frontiers, not only around the Earth but to the moon or to Mars, we have to achieve a more self-sufficient recycling system. Yamazaki San also stressed on the fact that since Space is a common goal from where we are seeking to gain common profits for the betterment of human beings, it is the best testbed to achieve partnerships, and thereby international collaborations.

IIMBā€™s Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts conference on ā€˜Careers for Persons with Disabilitiesā€™

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at IIM Bangalore hosted a conference on ā€˜Careers for Persons with Disabilitiesā€™ on January 17 (Sunday), 2021.

During his welcome address, Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director, IIM Bangalore, said that over the years students with disability are getting much better support at IIMB and other institutions but several challenges remained. ā€œOne issue we repeatedly hear from our alumni and alumni of other institutes is that while these students get their first job from campus, their subsequent career advancement is not on par with peers who join the same companies or in similar rolesā€. He hoped the conference would help us move in the right direction.

The keynote address was delivered by Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar, Founder, Samarthanam Trust and former President of the World Blind Cricket Ltd. He discussed how Persons with Disabilities are equally capable of performing most of the tasks. Education, technology and building aspirations are very crucial for them as many such students come from challenged backgrounds, and most of the time they are neglected as their parents cannot support them financially. If they are exposed to the right opportunities and their talent is identified at a young age, they will start building aspirations and work towards getting employed. Schools and universities need to be sensitized as every student with disability has a different requirement and it is important to identify and create a support system for them.

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SPICMACAY – IIM Bangaloreā€™s dusk-to-dawn musical extravaganza Yamini 2021 goes online

SPICMACAY-IIM Bangalore presented Yamini 2021, the biggest dusk-to-dawn musical extravaganza in Bangalore, from 08.00 pm on January 25th till 05.30 am on January 26th 2021. Due to the current situation brought about by the pandemic, this year the entire event was held online.

Yamini from Glimpses 2021, The Dusk to Dawn Musical extravaganza, presented by the SPIC MACAY IIM Bangalore Chapter. The event featured Vid. Vishakha Hari [Harikatha], Sri. Purbayan Chatterjee [Sitar], Vid. S Soumya [Carnatic Vocal], Vid. Mysore Chandan A Kumar [Carnatic Flute], and Pt. Venkatesh Kumar [Hindustani Vocal].