Faces @ IIMB: Fitness Enthusiast – Ankita Maslekar, YLP 2019

It is no secret that good health is a factor that helps a person perform their daily life more efficiently. And, we all will agree that fitness and good health have never been more important than now. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is crucial for any individual.

Ankita Maslekar is not just another face in the crowd, she battled lifestyle issues and took the path to fitness to regain her lost confidence and self-esteem. Her journey from fat-to-fit is no short of inspiration. Ankita’s journey to fitness proves that illnesses, low self-esteem and other challenges like motherhood, cultural restrictions, should be no barrier to feeling good about yourself.

About Myself:

My name is Ankita Maslekar. A hard-core south Bangalorean as I have some of my best memories of childhood and my education around south Bangalore.  I love my idli vada dosas bajjis to any pizza burgers, or any other cuisine (now you know from where I put on that weight!)  I started my career in the Automobile industry and currently working at IIMB, where some of the world’s best minds are there!

Weight Loss Journey:

My weight loss journey began when I realized that it was the only solution to all my health issues. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, lower back problems and PCOD. I had a miscarriage and then got pregnant again.  All the respective doctors suggested that only losing weight shall solve this problem. Then I decided to work on losing weight. As I come from a traditional family going to the gym, personal trainers were not my cup of tea (I couldn’t afford that too) and with my little daughter, I could not find time to hit the gym. Then one of my colleagues suggested the cult fit free at-home exercises which were good for beginners. I started doing them at home after going home from the office. They were just less than 30 min and I pushed myself to do them every day. I also controlled my diet. I did not follow any fancy diet or programme. Just ate what I made regular at home just that I reduced the quantity. I was mindful of eating sweets, fried food, junk and the ‘whites’ (Rice, sugar and salt). Apart from the exercise I also started walking for 10,000 steps daily. Initially, it was difficult to control cravings, but I had no choice as it was a matter of my health.

Changes because of weight loss:

Physically: Yes, I feel lighter and more fit now. Previously after a small walk, I used to experience heavy breathing, sweating but now I can walk at least 10k steps comfortably. I think of trekking these days which I never did before. I feel more confident and more importantly, all my health issues are stable. My back pain has reduced significantly, my blood pressure is under control (without medication) and my cycles are back on track. I am glad I am today completely off medicines for all these issues.

Emotionally: I feel nice when I receive compliments. People feel I lost weight for a better appearance, or to change my profession but the truth is much more than that. Some people even asked me if I am recovering from some ailment, and I have a hearty laugh!

Challenges of the journey:

Coming from a south Indian traditional brahmin family we are foodies by birth and our festival foods are too yum to resist. We are not supposed to say no to prasads which are made with love and doused in pure ghee. So, I had to eat and make sure I did two rounds of the exercise to burn that.  My family kept saying this is the age to eat, why do you want to starve yourself, who will see you now you are married and a mother and many more. None could understand that I did it for my health and not for my better appearance.

I motivated myself by telling myself that I must do it to prove them all wrong and more importantly for myself!

My advice:

Your kitchen has many secrets which will help in your weight loss. Each body type is different, so do what suits your body the best. Be consistent. The initial body sores will make you feel you don’t need all this but don’t give up. Continue the routine you are sure to feel the change.


No pain no gain! During my initial days of workout, I used to feel terrible body pain, I couldn’t bend but then no pain no gain 😊