IIMB FPM Reunion 2024

Celebrating IIMB’s Golden Jubilee anniversary, the event coincides with the IMR Doctoral Conference 2024, featuring alumni book releases and panel sessions as highlights.

The much-anticipated FPM/Ph.D. alumni meet, commemorating the reunion of former students from IIM Bangalore’s Fellow Programme in Management/Doctor of Philosophy, was held from February 2nd to 4th, 2024. This significant event, coinciding with the institute’s Golden Jubilee anniversary, was conducted alongside the IMR Doctoral Conference 2024 (IMRDC 2024), organized by IIM Bangalore’s flagship journal, IIMB Management Review (IMR), and the Office of the Doctoral Programme.

Day One:

Day One commenced with a warm welcome from Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy, Chairperson of the Ph.D. program, who aptly described the gathering as “an academic family reunion,” celebrating the collective achievements of the doctoral program’s stakeholders.

The event owed its success to the dedicated efforts of former and current Doctoral students, including Antra (2019), Prof. Kshitij Awasthi (2011), Prof. Abhipsa Pal (2014), Akshay Dhuria (2019), and Himanshu Shekhar (2019).

Highlights of Day One included the official release of the alumni book, ‘Reminiscences: Doctoral Programme,’ by Prof. Rishikesh T Krishnan, Director of IIM Bangalore. This insightful publication chronicles the rich journey of FPM/PhD alumni, complemented by illustrations from Prof. T A S Vijayaraghavan, an alumnus of IIMB’s Doctoral program (1982).

The morning session featured a stimulating panel discussion titled ‘Flashback – Doctoral Programme at IIMB: The early days, how it evolved, and the future,’ moderated by Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan. Esteemed panelists, including Prof. T Krishna Kumar, Prof. Chiranjib Sen, Prof. K Kumar, and Prof. Gopal Mahapatra, offered valuable insights into the program’s evolution over the years.

Prof. T Krishna Kumar delineated the program’s four distinct phases, highlighting its remarkable journey towards maturity and global recognition. Prof. Chiranjib Sen underscored the program’s adaptability and commitment to excellence, navigating through diverse challenges to emerge as a premier research platform.

Day One concluded with the felicitation of panel members and former Doctoral Program Chairs for their exemplary leadership. Additionally, former and current staff members were honored, alongside ‘Milestone Markers’ commemorating significant program achievements.

Day Two:

Day Two promised a diverse array of activities, including a Birding Tour, Alumni Tree Planting, and Director’s Interaction with Alumni. Noteworthy events included the Alumni Panel Crossroads, a Campus Architecture Tour, and a captivating concert by Dr. Radhika Joshi.

The schedule also encompassed sporting activities, a visit to Bannerghatta National Park, and an excursion to the IIMB Jigani campus, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

Day Three:

Day Three of the FPM/Ph.D. alumni meet continued with a variety of engaging activities and insightful sessions, providing participants with further opportunities for networking, learning, and camaraderie.

One of the highlights of Day Three was the continuation of the Alumni Panel Crossroads session, focusing on “Trailblazing non-academic careers.” Esteemed alumni, including Dr. K P Krishnan (FPM-99), Dr. Raj Kumar Upadhyay (FPM-07), Dr. Divya Tiwari (FPM-2000), and Dr. Pankaj Bagri (FPM-98), shared their professional journeys and experiences outside the traditional academic sphere. The session was moderated by Prof. Sourav Mukherji (FPM-98), Dean of Alumni Relations & Development and faculty of the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management area of IIMB.

Following the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to engage in the Breakthrough Alumni Interaction session, where they could connect with fellow alumni, share insights, and explore potential collaborations or opportunities.

Additionally, a Campus Architecture Tour was conducted, led by Kiran Keswani, the author of the book: ‘The Making of a Campus: IIM Bangalore.’ This tour provided participants with fascinating insights into the architectural design and planning efforts behind the creation of the IIMB campus, showcasing its evolution over time and the people who contributed to its development.

The day also featured a concert by Dr. Radhika Joshi, an FPM-11 alumna, offering a delightful blend of music and artistic expression.

Furthermore, Alumni Reunion sporting activities continued, allowing participants to unwind and enjoy various sports such as Frisbee, Tennis, Volleyball, and more.

Concluding the event on a memorable note, participants were treated to a visit to the IIMB Jigani campus, offering a glimpse into the institute’s expansion and growth beyond its main campus.

Overall, the FPM/Ph.D. alumni meet provided a fitting platform for former students to reconnect, reminisce, and forge new connections, while also celebrating the rich legacy and achievements of the Doctoral Programme at IIM Bangalore.