Dr. Gopal Das Appointed to Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing by the American Marketing Association

Prof. Gopal Das, faculty member of the Marketing area at IIM Bangalore, has joined the Editorial Review Board of the ‘Journal of Public Policy & Marketing’ (JPP&M), a publication of the prestigious American Marketing Association (AMA).

The American Marketing Association serves as a leading community for marketers, aiming to influence and shape marketing globally. AMA’s academic journals publish cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research to advance the industry and provide business leaders with the insights needed to make informed managerial decisions.

JPP&M focuses on analyzing the combined impact of marketing and public policy on business, consumer welfare, ethics, and more. Each peer-reviewed issue provides a comprehensive forum for research, findings, and discussions on marketing topics relevant to both business and government. Prof. Gopal Das brings extensive editorial experience to the board, serving as an Associate Editor for several journals and being on the Editorial Board of others.

Dr. Nilam Kaushik Honored with ‘Young Woman Researcher in Innovation Management’ Award at the 9th Venus International Women Awards


Prof. Nilam Kaushik, from the Strategy area of IIM Bangalore, was honored with the ‘Young Woman Researcher in Innovation Management’ award at the ninth Venus International Women Awards by the Venus International Foundation. The award recognizes her outstanding contribution and achievement in the field of Management.

The Venus International Women Awards (VIWA) scheme, established by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of Venus International Foundation, aims to acknowledge individuals’ quality, reliability, and competence in applying knowledge and skills to specific tasks.

The Annual Women’s Meet (AWM) invited women researchers from various disciplines, including Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Management, Science, and Veterinary and Animal Sciences. The theme of the meet was ‘To Cultivate Research Spirit and Create a Vibrant Community of Women in Science and Technology’.

Dr. Deepti Ganapathy Receives Michael Haley Travel Grant for the 74th Annual ICA Conference

Dr. Deepti Ganapathy, Chairperson of the Centre for Management Communication and Area Chair for Management Communication at IIM Bangalore, has been awarded the Michael Haley Travel Grant for the 74th Annual ICA Conference. The conference will take place in Gold Coast, Australia.

This year’s conference theme is “Communication and Global Human Rights”. The International Communication Association aims to promote excellence in academic research worldwide. Dr. Ganapathy is leading a cross-national study with researchers from the Centre for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Minnesota, and Western Carolina University.

Their paper, titled “News Coverage of Climate Change as a Public Health Issue: A Decade-Long Analysis of News in the US, China, and India,” has been selected for presentation in the Environmental Communication division. Riya Mishra, an Academic Associate with the Centre for Management Communication, is one of the co-authors of the paper.

PhD Student Shiril Saju Receives Honorable Mention in the 2024 POMS Emerging Economies Doctoral Student Award for the Asia-Pacific Region

Shiril Saju, a PhD student in the Production and Operations Management area at IIM Bangalore, has been awarded the prestigious ‘2024 POMS Emerging Economies Doctoral Student Award Honorable Mention for the Asia-Pacific Region’. His research focuses on government interventions for socially beneficial technology adoption, particularly in the agriculture sector of emerging economies.

Under the guidance of Dr. Nishant Kumar Verma, faculty at IIM Bangalore, Shiril is evaluating the efficiency of ecosystems facilitating technology adoption in agriculture. Additionally, he is involved in projects contributing to social and environmental sustainability. Shiril’s research has been presented or accepted for presentation at various international conferences. He also served as one of the Track Chairs for the 8th Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference at IIMB and is an elected representative of PhD students at the institute.

IIM Bangalore’s PGP Team Advances to the International Semi-Finals of the Hult Prize Foundation 2024

The team Mavericks, comprising Mudit Jangid, Ayush Sharma, Nishreyash Yadav, Bhavya Dugar, and Prarthana Prakash, students of IIM Bangalore’s two-year full-time MBA program (PGP) for the 2023-25 batch, has successfully advanced to the international semi-final round of the Hult Prize Foundation 2024. Their achievement follows an impressive performance in the international quarter-finals.

Scheduled to be held in Mumbai from June 7th to 8th, 2024, the semi-final round will see them compete against other top teams. The Hult Prize Foundation, known for its focus on social entrepreneurship, presents a significant opportunity for the Mavericks to showcase their innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. This accomplishment reflects their dedication, teamwork, and innovative thinking, underscoring IIM Bangalore’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in social entrepreneurship.