IIMB Orators Club is an outstanding Alumni Association Initiative that is in its 10th year. It was setup in 2009 by the alumni of IIMB to help, support and develop communication, leadership and public speaking skills amongst its staff, students and alumni. It is affiliated to Toastmasters International and provides an ideal platform for our alumni to converge, network and hone their oratory and leadership skills.

As an initiative to contribute to the Institute, IIMB Orators Club in collaboration with IIMB Alumni Association is conducting a Youth Leadership Program for teenage children of the alumni and staff between October and December 2018. The program focusses on learning chairmanship, delivering prepared speeches and impromptu public speaking, speech organization, listening, gestures, group discussion/moderation, voice modulation – all essentials for effective communication and leadership. The program attracted 18 participants across different schools of Bangalore. The participants have been energetically involved and eagerly look forward to their sessions every Sunday morning. This has been a welcome event for the participants amidst tough academic pressures and schedule. There has been near 100 % attendance which is a testimony for how the children are enjoying the program. It is also a testimony to the hard work put in by IIMB Alumni Toastmasters Jayakrishnan Pillai (AMP9 – 2015) and Geetha Venkatesh (GMITE – 2012) who are coordinating this event with wonderful support from S Parthasarathy, Head – Alumni Relations, IIM Bangalore.