IIMB’s one-year MBA program ranked No 1 in India by Financial Times

As per the latest FT Rankings made public, IIMB is ranked as number one in India for the one year Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP under Global MBA category), fifth in Asia and 27th globally.

The Indian Institute of Bangalore has become the best Indian B-School, ranking 27th in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2020. This was followed by ISB Hyderabad at 28th rank. IIM Bangalore has stepped up 6 places from last years rankings when it was ranked at 33rd place. ISB Hyderabad has however fallen 4 places this year. This was based on data gathered in 2019, but related largely to the Class of 2016 (graduated three years ago). The programme has bagged the top spot among programmes offered by Indian B-schools in the rankings.

The parameters considered to rate the one-year programme included salary today, weighted salary, salary increase, value for money, career progress, aims achieved, careers service, employed at three months, alumni recommendation, female faculty, female students, women on the board, international faculty, international students, international board, international mobility, international course experience, languages, faculty with doctorates, FT research rank, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Below the rankings of IIM A, B, C and ISB for the past 3 years.

 Year 2020 2019 2018
Schools Global India Global India Global India
IIMB 27 1 33 2 35 3
ISB     28 2     24 1 28 1
IIMC     42 3     49 4 78 4
IIMA 61 4 47 3 31 2

We thank the entire EPGP community including Students, Alumni, Programme Chairs, Programme Committees, EPGP Office, Faculty, Admissions, Career Development Services, and Officers and Staff for their contributions. This is testimony to the fact that we can all work as a team for continuous improvement towards more excellence.