In Memoriam

It is with sorrow we would like to inform you about the sad demise of alumni Mr. Pradeep Singh Shekhawat, PGP 2008 batch, on 25th Aug 2021.

He was working as GM – Capital Business at Razorpay. He was just 39 years old. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

We would like to express heartfelt condolences on behalf of the entire IIMB community. We pray for the departed soul. Our condolence to his family in this moment of grief.

We regret to inform you about the sad demise of Mr. Kartik Thakkar, PGP 2020. Kartik suffered a sudden brain aneurysm on 9th August. He was admitted to the hospital & fell into a coma. He breathed his last on Aug 14th, 2021.

He was loved and admired by his batchmates. His friend and batchmate Anand Prahlad has penned a few lines in his memory.

I first met Kartik even before our school admits, while in the hallway, as we both waited to be interviewed by the same panel. And even though we simply exchanged small talk & the usual “good luck”, I remembered feeling, “This guy is a shoo in”, as his charisma, smartness, & erudition, made him a natural fit for this school.

My opinion wasn’t unfounded, as Kartik took to B-school like a fish to water. His incisive questions & wit made our classes memorable; His deft maneuvering allowed us to enroll in interesting courses that weren’t normally on offer at the institute; And, his friendliness made all feel welcome.

In contrast, my initial school experience was of a fish out of water – I was far too geeky & far too introverted. I did get comfortable eventually, in no small part due to friendly folks like Kartik, who was a gracious host, inviting us to numerous house parties.

I admired Kartik as he was multi-talented. He was well read, & had a taste for the finer things of life. I learnt many interesting things about wine, tv shows, & restaurants, over our discussions. At the same time he wasn’t shy about broaching “serious” topics like philosophy or finance.

He helped me see that finance could also be interesting, something that I hadn’t imagined, due to my unfamiliarity with it. This led to one of my most enjoyable school experiences – working on our Corporate Valuation final project, where we, along with Vijay,┬áVinay &┬áSamrin got deep into Real Options.

Learning of Kartik’s death was upsetting. Not just because of its unexpectedness, but also because we lost a person with amazing potential, who managed to impress so many in so short a time.

To be felled by a sudden, silent brain aneurysm seems especially cruel, because:
He was a health freak, who went on Himalayan treks;
His career was about to take off at a brand new job; &
He was entering a new chapter of life with an upcoming engagement.

May his family get the strength to bear his loss. He will be missed.