In Memoriam

We regret to inform you about the sad demise of Yogesh Kumar Sharma, FPM 2000, from complications arising from an Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Yogesh was working as an Associate Principal at ZS Associates. He is survived by his wife Richa, son Yashvardhan and Daughter Riyosha.

We would like to express my heartfelt condolences on behalf of the entire IIMB community and wish that his family will be able to cope with this loss.

A small note has been penned by his fellow batchmate Venkat in memory of their beloved batchmate Yogi, who he remembers with great affection and will be forever missed.

One day, Amir Khan will accept that his character Rancho from Three Idiots was inspired by Yogi, Yogesh Kumar Sharma. No Mr. Wangchuk, it wasn’t you.

A love for knowledge, for the sake of understanding the principles and their applications in real life.

Calmness because he knew every problem had a solution.

Simplicity, because he knew pretence was a waste of time and something he fortunately never learnt.

Love, because he overflowed with it and simply could not contain it.

Compassion, because he understood that creating joy in others was his real superpower.

He was always effortless because he understood if the focus of life was to help others, then every effort was a joy. Blessed with always living in a higher plain- one defined by purpose, genuineness, and kindness.

Family, Friends, Colleagues, Clients- everyone enjoyed being around him.  He made us all feel we were the focus of his attention in the moments we were with him. Drenching us in his enthusiasm for life. Helping us.

Yogi, yours was a life we can only aspire to lead. But because we knew you, we all know it is possible.  Your courage, optimism, enthusiasm….I run out of adjectives, Thank you for touching our lives, my dear friend. 

See you on the other side. We miss you.