In Memoriam

Dr. Balakrishna V Doshi

We mourn the loss of Dr. BV Doshi, who gave life to the structures he created, especially this beautiful campus where we live and learn.

Dr. Doshi’s design philosophy and his passion for life will never cease to motivate us.

He received numerous honours, including the Padma Shri and the Pritzker Prize, but he always maintained his modest, almost saintly demeanour.

Our campus is a popular destination for visitors as well as architecture students and professionals because of the academic and administrative buildings’ stunning architecture, which serves as a case study.

The 1983 building is now surrounded by vegetation, as Dr. Doshi had envisioned, to compliment the original stone construction.

At a gathering to express condolences held on campus on January 27, IIMB Director Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan paid respect to the illustrious builder and stated that it is the responsibility of IIMB to carry on his legacy of sustainability.

Ms. Pavithra Ullal, a well-known architect who worked on the IIMB campus with Dr. Doshi and regards him as a friend, philosopher, and mentor, gave experiences that illustrated the benevolent man he was. She also emphasised his attention to detail, desire for perfection, and knack for keeping things simple, saying that “everyone whose life he touched was altered.”

Ms. Kiran Keswani, a well-known architect who worked at Sangath-Dr. Doshi’s Ahmedabad studio, discussed her experiences of working with a visionary, a taskmaster, and a teacher beyond comparison.

Mr. Shivakumar K, a member of the IIMB Estates team who collaborated closely with Dr. Doshi on the IIMB campus buildings, spoke extensively about the life and career skills he gained from his mentor.

The dean of administration, Dr. Rajendra K. Bandi, expressed his continued admiration for Dr. Doshi’s dynamism and his total commitment to the projects he worked on.