NSRCEL Start-up: Soul Quilts


Incubated by IIMB-NSRCEL, under the GS 10K Women Program, Soul Quilts is the venture of three driven entrepreneurs

Soul Quilts, incubated by IIMB-NSRCEL, under the Goldman Sacha 10K Women Program, was an idea that turned into a live business with paying customers within weeks. A story of three women coming together with a creative twist, this venture focuses on upcycling clothes, with fond memories and sentimental value, into premium quilts for people to preserve and relive memories.

“The winter of 2020 in Bangalore was a perfect time to start this business and it received a warm welcome (literally). People opted for Soul Quilts as they declutter homes and take a minimalist approach. We all hoard to sentimental clothes of our babies, our loved ones, our clothes from college days and so much more – this is where upcycling and design play a role,” says Farah Ahmad, co-founder, retail leader and entrepreneur.
Naaz Ahmed, a third-generation craftsperson who hails from a family with design and tailoring capabilities, and Ishwarya Kumar Ahmed, an entrepreneur with ideation and new product development expertise, explain that Covid was challenging but NSRCEL’s program helped them a lot to pivot their retail business to find opportunity in tough situations.

Being part of 10K Goldman Sachs Program, they say, has given them immense courage to look beyond numbers and create an ecosystem that is impactful and provides solutions to pain points that are largely overlooked.

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