NSRCEL Startup: HyCube Works


HyCube Works, an ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified company, is a rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing start-up firm, that aims to deliver tested and refined products to its users. HyCube Works is involved in direct digital manufacturing solutions, sales and service of desktop and industrial-grade ALPI series of 3D printers and rapid prototyping services, with the goal of creating complex parts and handholding designers to validate designs and develop various parts for end-use applications. This Maruti Suzuki incubated start-up is Startup India and MSME registered.

HyCube Works was set up in 2018 by two young entrepreneurs, Reethan Doijode and Shreyas S P, who are alumni of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, B.N.M. Institute of Technology (BNMIT). They say that they have adopted an innovative approach towards product development using cutting-edge technology. “We made a mark in the industry with our innovative products and approach. HyCube Works has supplied various products and solutions to Indian armed forces, CSIR laboratories, DRDO laboratories, IITs, NITs, etc.” 

Stating that they are proud to be winners of the MSIP programme in collaboration with IIMB’s NSRCEL, the founders of HyCube Works share, “We received tremendous support and handholding throughout the programme from MSIL and NSRCEL. Understanding the customer requirements and value addition are our key learnings from NSRCEL to improve the MSIL customer experience. Throughout the incubation programme, the MSIL business team and NSRCEL guided us in product improvement and making market-ready products. As an innovative start-up, we plan to bring in more innovative solutions in the automobile industry in support of MSIL.”