NSRCEL Startup: Innodeev Solutions

Building low-cost medical devices for the Indian market

Founder: Dr. Deevish ND

Innodeev Solutions is a healthcare start-up focussed on identifying the unmet clinical needs in the Indian market and developing cost-effective medical devices. “We intend to develop products which balance innovation and cost-effectiveness with an ultimate goal to have ‘Made in India’ products. We are incubated at IKP Eden and Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre. We are part of the Launchpad programme at NSRCEL in IIM Bangalore,” says Dr. Deevish ND, the founder who is a practicing plastic surgeon based in Bangalore.

A Stanford India Biodesign fellow, who has trained in medical device development at Stanford University, Dr. Deevish is keen to develop low-cost medical devices, keeping in mind the price-sensitive Indian market.

“NSRCEL has helped me understand the basics of pitch presentations and business models. Being a surgeon by training, I was unaware on what it takes to make a venture successful. NSRCEL has not only helped me understand the need for the perfect pitch to attract investors, but also to build a self-sustaining business model,” he explains.