NSRCEL Startup: Zopnote

Empowering Proximity Commerce for Small Businesses through Innovation and Growth Strategies

Zopnote’s core vision revolves around the empowerment of proximity commerce through the provision of technological tools and growth strategies tailored for small business owners. The brainchild of three skilled engineers, Zopnote serves as a comprehensive solution for small business proprietors, aiding in the efficient management of transactions, fostering growth, and bolstering overall bankability. The platform aims to enhance customer reach, transparency, online collection, auto reconciliation, bookkeeping, productivity, cash flow, and holistic business growth.

Rajesh Badgeri, the Co-founder and CEO, contributes 25 years of invaluable experience in B2C business and Business Strategy, with a specialized focus on Growth. Chengappa Chottera, Co-founder and COO, brings over 23 years of expertise, specializing in Engineering and Operations. Avijit Dutta, Co-founder and CPO, leverages 20 years of experience, focusing on Product Innovation and Design Thinking.

Their journey at NSRCEL has been enriched by participation in insightful workshops covering crucial aspects such as marketing, finance, and growth. Of particular note were the sessions dedicated to Marketing Communication. These experiences at NSRCEL have not only honed their skills but also enriched their understanding of the dynamic business landscape, providing valuable insights that they continue to apply in steering Zopnote toward greater success. As Zopnote continues to evolve, it remains committed to its mission of empowering small businesses and contributing to the vibrant landscape of proximity commerce.