Past Events

PGP Orientation Programme 2017:

IIM Bangalore welcomed the new batch, PGP 2017 on Thursday, 15th June. The Institute welcomed 405 PGP & 23 FPM students. 9 alums joined the programme.  Mathew Cyriac, a gold medallist from PGP 1992-94, Founder and Chairman designate of Florintree Advisors, was invited to this event. He even described IIM as “IIM BEST”. “Build relationships as that may prove valuable later in life. Engage with each other,” he advised to the students.

Prof. G. Raghuram, Director of IIMB, suggested the students, to look into the various opportunities and in the process to explore and develop certain problem-solving skills, thereby discovering and acknowledging their potentialities by stretching themselves as far as needed. “Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment. So increase your self-awareness and avoid fatigue. If you manage to beat fatigue, work will be a joy” – he said.

(l-r: Prof. M S Narasimhan, Chairperson, PGP, lights the lamp at the inauguration. Chief guest and IIMB alumnus Mathew Cyriac, IIMB Director Prof. G Raghuram, the Deans, faculty member. Mathew Cyriac, Founder, and Chairman designate of Florintree Advisors, delivers the speech. Prof. G. Raghuram, Director, IIMB, welcomes the incoming students and introduces the chief guest)

Student – Alumni session 

A formal interactive session was held on Sat, 17th June in 4 classrooms where 9 PGP Alumni addressed the students of the new batch.

Their line of focus was mainly on ‘career management skills’ – how to make prudent career choices, ways of finding their ‘Dream Jobs’, managing the career trajectory thereafter, and also about the expectations from the industry. They also talked about ‘life management skills’ – shared their personal experiences and mistakes at IIMB thereby managing life in terms of career, rich lessons learned from IIMB and eventually left a message to all the incoming students in general.

(l-r: A section of students during the Student-Alumni session on Sat, 17th June)