Welcome to the family: PGP Orientation 2019

It’s that time of the year again. As the 46th batch of IIMB PGP was officially welcomed into the campus, the air was filled with enthusiasm and joy. Youngsters filled with their dreams and aspirations took their seats while their parents watched them, proud and their heads held high.

This institution has nurtured and shaped my career. My IIMB years taught me humility, among many other things,” said Chief Guest Amit Sharma, Global COO, IBM GBS, and an IIMB alumnus of the 1992-94 batch, while welcoming students to the two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) and the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) of IIM Bangalore, on June 10 (Monday), 2019.

He went on to say that he has learnt some very important virtues that leaders should possess, such as, the right attitude; investing time in identifying strengths of team members and leveraging those; facing tough situations head on; taking time to plan and strategize; spending at least a third of one’s time on people issues and networking, and spending time with family, friends, community and balancing it all. “Remember, leadership does not come from title, but from results and trust”.

“I have summarized some traits that tomorrow’s leaders need to imbibe: invest for the long run; skills should be aligned to succeed; deal with tough situations; operate with integrity and do not take the short cut; keep performance up consistently; empower people around you and work in teams, and be open to criticism”.

Listing the elements that the new batch should be focussing on for the next two years, he said: “Chase your dreams with passion, drive, energy and integrity. Remember, the miracle of learning within and outside the classroom will stretch your capabilities. Spend every moment on campus learning and networking. Learn and interact with older and next batches also, such networks will prove invaluable in the future. Grow as individuals, do not take all this as a race. The only race should be with yourself. I would also like to share that there is no dream job – it is a myth. Focus on skills and abilities to learn. The ability to relearn is also vital as the future of business is very dynamic. The situation will favour those who are open to lifelong learning”.

“There will be a lot of pressure on you and expectations from you. You may also often wonder if you can overcome these. Trust me, you will. Engage in exercise and extra-curricular activities as these will be your anchor. So, buckle your seat belt. This will be a lifelong experience, so enjoy every moment,” he added.

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As a part of   PGP 2019 new batch orientation week, 16 alums were invited from alumni office.Alums were happy come back to campus and interact with new incoming batch.

A very significant part of this Orientation program was  knowledge sharing with the students. Alums spoke about ‘career management skills’ – how to make prudent career choices, what steps to take to find ‘Dream Job’, how to manage  career trajectory thereafter, what are the expectations from the industry etc and also on ‘life management skills’, managing life in terms of career, rich lessons learnt from IIMB and so on.

Here is a list of alumni:

Name Batch
Hari Ganapathy PGP 2009
Jidesh Haridas PGP2008
Joseph John PGP 2014
Kunal Ashok PGP 2013
Mohit Srivastava PGP 2014
Monabili Basumatary PGP 2014
Puneet Manuja PGP 2014
Sandeep Das PGP 2009
Shobhit Shukla PGP 2009
Shruthi Harikrishna PGP 2009
Siddharth Sahoo PGP 2013
Srikanth Prabhu PGP 2014
V Shridhar PGP 2014
Vyoma Pandit PGP 2009
Yeshwant Gurukar PGP 2014