Remembering alums…..

Debarshi Roy chowdhury and Rachit uniyal passed away last month. Here are the messages from their batchmates.

Message from Bhaskar Raj Gupta for Debarshi Roy Chowdhury, PGP 2001-03

It was a shock to know of his sad demise.

My wife has only met him once, circa 12 years ago. When I told her one of our IIM batchmates passed away, she asked who? I said one Debarshi you might not remember… she straightaway replied “Yes, I do know him. He was the most smiling person.”

Message from Vishal Gupta for Rachit Uniyal, PGP 93-95
Karnataka Express….2nd class sleeper….a bunch of girls and Rachit. That’s how I first met our dear friend on the way from Delhi to Bengaluru in the summer of 1993. We started talking and realized both of us were heading for the same adventure. What a small world. The 40 hour journey was over in a blink due to the great company and I got to know Rachit quite well in that time. It just seems like yesterday, but time as we say really flies. A lot has happened since then; but I will always remember you, Rachit my friend, as the funny, warm and smiling gentleman with a thin moustache and a great heart.