Reunions- EPGP and EGMP 36

Sparsh – The Annual EPGP Alumni Connect Event 2018

Every year, the present batch of EPGP (One Year Full Time Residential Programme in Management) invites back on campus, all the esteemed alumni of the programme who have stepped out from the hallowed hallways of IIM Bangalore and into the real world out there. The intent of the event is to provide a platform for the alumni to come together, reminisce, look back at their time spent on campus, and guide the present batch on a variety of topics. The rich experience of the alumni base, their triumphs and struggles post-MBA, their learnings in the business world, and the wisdom that they have gleaned over the years, are monumental resources of knowledge for the students. Sparsh also gives the students an opportunity to interact and network informally with the alumni, who take out time from their hectic lives to, once again, relive their student days.

This year, in celebration of 10 years of EPGP, the Class of 2019 organised Sparsh 2018 on 23rd September, 2018. The event began on a traditional note, with Prof G Raghuram, Director of IIMB, Prof Malay Bhattacharya, Former Chairperson – EPGP, Ms. Komala Devi, Former Administrator – EPGP, Ms. Prabha Ravichandran, Administrator – EPGP, Ms. Reema Bose, EPGP Alumni, inaugurated the event by the symbolic lighting of the lamp. Professor G Raghuram then welcomed all the attendees in his opening address, and also felicitated the EPGP Chairpersons and Administrators, who have played a huge role in the success of the programme over the past decade.

This was followed by a Panel Discussion on “Entrepreneurship – Finding the Right Business Model”, which was moderated by Professor K Kumar, Professor – Entrepreneurship and Dean, Alumni Relations & Development. The panellists comprise of Mr. Abhishek Surendran, Mr. Swetang Sharma, and Mr. Guru Prasad, who are EPGP Alumni who have ample experience and success in the field of entrepreneurship. The panellists shared their experiences in starting up their own ventures, the challenges that they faced, and some pointers for budding entrepreneurs.

This was followed by a felicitation ceremony for all the present alumni, as the present batch expressed their gratitude towards the former students for their important role in strengthening and propagating the legacy of EPGP.

The Second Panel Discussion on “The Evolving Role of Technology in Business” was moderated by Mr. Vivek Srinivasan, Co-Founder – Startup Club, MBA at Ohio University. The panellists comprised of alumni from diverse backgrounds who are in prime position to address the role that technology has played in each of their industries. The esteemed alumni on the panel were Mr. Debraj Bannerjee, Mr. Vikram Sachdeva, and Dr. Puneet Singh.

The event was concluded with some ‘Fun and Furore’, with games and group activities organised to allow all attendees to ‘let their hair down’ and enjoy each other’s company.


EGMP 36 Reunion 

– by Dr. V Nagaraj, EGMP 36 batch

It was indeed a great nostalgic feeling for all of us who assembled back on campus on this Gandhi Jayanthi, the 02nd of October 2018. Coming back to the salubrious climate of the sprawling IIMB campus and above all sitting in one of the best classrooms of IIMB, actually transported us back in time to the days of our on-campus classes.

 Learning about the great strides of progress each one of us have made in our professional lives, was very satisfying. We were missing our professors , we had Prof. Shankar Subramani come before us as a pleasant co-incidence, whom we all met on-campus with a great sense of pleasure and nostalgia.

Overall it was a forenoon well spent on the campus of IIMB re-living the student life that we were privileged to a couple of years ago. The whole batch of EGMP-36 expressed it’s heart felt gratitude to the IIMB Alumni association that supported us so well, in this endeavour.