Saturday Musings- ” Where do ideas come from?”

IIMB Alumni Office organized the 13th  Saturday Musings “Where do ideas come from?” on 24th November 2018 at the IIMB Auditorium.

Panellists were:

Mr. Pavan Soni, Founder of Inflexion Point Consulting, Innovation Evangelist, FPM 2017, IIMB

Mr. S Parthasarathy, ideated multiple businesses over 20 yrs, Author & Head – Alumni Relations, PGP 94, IIMB

Ms.Anju Maudgal Kadam, MPWE 2010,Founder & Director at,

Ms. Shruthi Harikrishna, PGP 2009, Marketing Manager, Adobe; Story teller; Writer; Zentangle artiste

Moderated by: Ms. Sudha Balajee, FCA,DISA, Partner SV Shetty & Associates, Visiting Faculty NMIMS, ex. District Director, Toast Masters, MPWE 2009

The programme began with a talk on “Putting your thinking to work” by S.Parthasarathy, Head Alumni Relation and an alumnus of PGP 94 . He spoke about the structure of thought – about  concepts, propositions and images. He further dug deeper into the skills required to develop concepts and decipher relationships between concepts such as observation skills, questioning skills and cognitive skills of association. He provided many examples to illustrate the ideas.

Some highlights of the panel discussion were:

  • Intelligence is finding, creating, following and predicting a pattern whereas creativity is breaking the pattern.
  • Creativity is a skill which cannot be taught but can be practised. It is important to strengthen affiliations, experiment extensively in career and life to become a creative person.
  • According to research, women are found to be more creative than men.
  • Ideas come from own experiences, from observing experiences that others go through and through imagination that is not rooted in physical reality.
  • Ideas could also come from deadlines and pressure!

Check out the video to understand more on where do ideas come from!