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वो समय भी आएगा

वो समय भी आएगा,
जब तू शिखर पर जाएगा।
संघर्ष जो भी आज है,
वो “कल” तेरा बनाएगा।।

श्रीराम भी संघर्ष हैं,
तू भी तो उनका अंश हैl
खुद में तू उनको खोज कर,
कर कूच कर, कर कूच कर।।

है रात लंबी तो भी क्या ?
हो अंधेरा हर जगह l
अंधेरे की भी क्या मजाल,
तू तो स्वयं मशाल है।।

चुनौतियां हजार है,
हजार है ये बंदिशे।
पर चुनौतियों को क्या पता,
की तेरा नाम “आस”(hope) है।।

भटक रहा है खोज मै,
वो राह जिसपर चल सके।
जहां स्वयं से हो मिलन,
कुछ बात खुद की हो सके।।

जो बुलबुले से उठ रहे
वो प्रश्न जो है अनसुने।
तू खोज मै निकल अभी,
तू क्यों खड़ा निराशा है।।

सीने में जो ये आग है,
जो कहती इंकलाब है।
ज्वलंत रख इसे अभी,
की मुश्किलें अपार है।।

वो समय भी आएगा,
जब तू शिखर पर जाएगा।
संघर्ष जो भी आज है,
वो “कल” तेरा बनाएगा।।

– Ayush Nanda
Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship
Batch year 2020-22

The Petrichor

You, the petrichor,
craving you is how I live.

wandering places
following clouds
burning bad on the land
waiting; for you

when you fill my chest as I breathe
flowing through my veins
conquering every inch of my skin;
you have no idea what you do to me

surrendered, I lie there
in my attempt to hold my breath
as long as I can
to have you trapped in me;
drenching and not caring the storm

failing, I let go
only to fill you in my chest again
you are a drug now
to this crazy pluviophile
who can never have enough of you

because you, the petrichor,
craving you is how I live.

– Meghana S K
Mahatma Gandhi National Fellow
Batch 2020-22


“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”

– Bernard Berenson

If you had said to me this, a year ago. I would’ve probably laughed at you. I was knee-deep into my preparation, slogging hours of study at the time. Comfortably ignoring the physical world around me. Going through spells of uncertainty. It was a hell of a time for me. My CAT prep days. After all that drama.

Here I’m, at the brink of term 1 at IIMB.

Getting into IIMB was indeed a miracle, a miracle that was the hard-earned fruit of my time and diligence.

There’s this beautiful quote from the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, “Remember Red! Hope is a good thing, may be best of things and no good thing ever dies.”

Time and again, this very thing, HOPE, kept me from giving up on life altogether. Young, confused, and lost, I yearned for a path.

Starting from the day, I received my admission offer to sitting through hours in front of my laptop, learning from stalwarts. Having meals on my bed. Eating away to Glory. Riding on a rollercoaster of submissions, deadlines, resume preparation and exams. It was a challenging journey.

I pity the ones who said IIMB is chill. It was not, it was nerve-racking. With the good, the bad and the ugly days. I learned slowly to settle into the discomfort of a b-school life. You learn a lot here. You learn to efficiently use your time. You learn to prioritise. You learn to extract work from people. You learn everything about the harsh realities of life. A bunch of 20 something, hoping to make it big in life.

Indeed, it’s the place to B.

Like the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Likewise, “With great b school comes great many challenges”. Term 1 put me through the worst of times. Pandemic played its part well. Staring at a bunch of faces sitting behind a lens. I accepted the new normal. I had never had so much fun, as well as stress at the same time. I had my best birthday in years despite being away from all. I learned to not fret about my test scores. I accepted myself for who I was.

With age, this realisation hits you, you don’t take anything too seriously in life. Nothing, except your loved ones. It is the people around you who define you. Your friends and your family are your treasures for life. Not even getting into a premier b school compares to it.

I’m grateful for the bunch that pulled me through this term. Be it my classmates, project mates, the special bunch of people, my fellow PGP2s, and the professors. Thank you all. You made my life a tad bit easier.

Term 2, here I come.

– Sasidhar S
PGP 2020-22

My Journey to IIMB

Sapna, sirf ek raat ka nahi tha…

Sapne ka khud ka safar tha…


Shuru kiya sametna khwabo ko…

Nikal pade maidano main…


Banaya plan, shuru kiya kaam…

Kuch achi, kuch nayi hui sham…


Phir aayi asliyat saamne…

Laga nhi kar payenge…


Gire, Sambhle, phir gire…

Hosla rakha phr se uthe…


Aa gya November, start hua revision…

De di pariksha, hope kiya conversion…


Din lage saal , Shuru hua intzar.…

Dastak-e-sachai ki aayi bahar…


Suhani si sham thi,

Ek aam si baat thi..


Intzar tha us pal ka,

Jisme kuch toh baat thi..


Sham ki chai me mashroof si thi..

Mail ke intzar me bechain si thi…


Naa jaane kyu selection ko lekar pessimist si thi,

Maa ke vishwas ko, Maa ki mamta bata rhi thi,


Achanak se kisi ne kaha, Ant hua intzar ka pal,

Mail ne di dastak, or aaye khushi ke pal…


Maa Ghabrai, boli roye kyu jaa rhi h…

Shabdon me bayan nhi kr paa rhi thi ..


Aankhein madad kare jaa rhi thi…

Aankhein madad kare jaa rhi thi…


Maa-Papa ne kaha, ye toh khushi ki baat hai,

Hamare liye bahot bahot garv ki baat hai…


Maa ne kaha mera vishwas atal tha,

Tera hona hi tha mujhe pata tha….


Aajtak us ehsaas ko jeeye jaa rhi hun main…

Sapne Bangalore ke dekhte jaa rhi hun main…


Safar toh shuru hua hai abhi ek ache mukaam ka…

nayi nayi yaari or nayi nayi seekh ka…


Ab vishwas khud par rakhna hai..

Har pal har insaan se seekhna hai…


Safar ke douran…maze krte hue…

isi tarah aage badhna hai…

Bas isi tarah aage badhna hai…

– Surbhi Patkar
PGP 2020-22