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The Voices in my head

It’s 1 am and I’m staring right into the soul of that rotating ceiling fan. Interesting design it has. Calmly moving round and round like nothing in life matters. In the same path, again and again, looking beneath at everyone and everything, probably wondering how it would feel to not move in rounds but in whatever direction one wants to, perhaps wishing for the same.

I shift my sight to the blades. Each one cutting through the air and smoothly showing us how it’s done. Class, pure class. For a moment, I feel like the blades are wooing me. Come closer, it whispers. Perhaps, that’s what it does to countless other souls staring at it every other night until some unfortunate soul finally succumbs and reaches out to it.

It’s the first day of school. And as I fight with my hooligan friends for that window seat on the third bench, she walks in calmly. Her hair moving lazily in that cold winter breeze. I lean ahead a little to catch another glimpse of her dimple as she smiles at her friends. For the next four years, my attendance wouldn’t drop. At least until she was around.

Six years down the lane, I’m still the shy man who doesn’t know how to open up. My emotions wrapped in a small bundle and hidden away in some beautiful corner of the heart. I yearn every other day just to make sure I convey it to her, but what if I’m not good enough? What if I turn out to be a loser? What if I become the “friend” who gets stuck in the zone forever? I keep those emotions hidden away until four years later, she is with another amazing man.

And she finally opens up, saying – “Why didn’t you tell me what you felt like all those years? I was waiting, and I thought I wasn’t good enough for you. I didn’t have the guts to open up myself”

I crumble. The scar would stay forever. The regret of not conveying emotions at the right time to the right person.

I stare at the screen. As I enter my roll number the screen throws an error. After a while, it throws the result making me wish that it was an error too, and I start seeing my life slip to darkness. Years of effort, all down the gutter in a jiffy. What would they all say? What will I tell my parents? What will I do with my life now? Should I start again? Should I accept defeat and move on? Should I just sit here and get stuck in the never-ending loop of hopelessness?

I don’t know.

I stare at the screen yet again. This time, with a smile. Finally, things have started falling into place. I get a fresh start. But wait, aren’t there countless other souls suffering the same way as I once did? Did they all get a fresh start? What about that guy whose father was ill and couldn’t work anymore? What about the lady who wanted to get away from her abusive husband? Did they get a chance just like me?

– Abhishek TR
PGP 2019-21

Running away from reality

Does it really help to run away from reality?

Or it simply increases the complexity?

The complex universe, with complex human nature

What does it take to make humans mature?

Why people can’t have the clarity in their mind

The clarity that could help to define priority in their life

Past, Present, Future repeat

Every time we are set to compete

Compete with whom? With you, society, nation, continent?

Suddenly someday, there might appear an alien

How quickly can we change our boundaries and widen the definition?

Only if we know that we have changing conceptions

With time, people and surroundings; you will change

But can you change the heart before it turns out to be strange?

– Chetana Pawar
PGP 2019-21

 The Breeze from The Storm

I was thrown by a storm into a lonely desert,

I was thirsty, hungry, and bruised with cuts so deep.

I wanted water to drink, I wanted food to eat,

But all I got was dry hot sand, filling my wounds.

I was crying, but my eyes had run out of tears.

I was shouting and howling, like a wolf in despair,

But hey! I was in a desert where even nomads didn’t appear!

I was losing hope, perhaps giving up on life!

I looked up to the almighty and whispered a short prayer!

I wanted to go back; I wished the storm never happened.

I hoped to survive, but I was only preparing to surrender.

I was succumbing to the darkness, that make gallant men evil.

The light I carried in my eyes, were flickering to smoulder,

I felt a gentle breeze, maybe it was a wind that I could barely feel.

I thought it was the end, but maybe it was the beginning!

I felt god answered my prayers, as I met a beautiful stranger.

She was so young, vibrant, smart and painted yellow,

Nourishing the soul of every passer-by she saw.

I was lucky! For little did I hope to see another life!

But what I see now is a gorgeous princess!

I wondered for once if this is really true!

I took a pause, closed my eyes, and pinched myself.

My eyes opened with hope and joy, but she was gone!

Maybe she was but, just the wind!

– Chris Macman
PGP 2019-21

Press Replay

Across the corridor you stand and my heart fluttered
A feeling I didn’t know I possessed awoke that micro second
As you looked around, our eyes met and my heart opened
Doors that were jammed shut years ago opened as if you always held the spare key

A recognition was followed by a smile on that face of yours and my face felt like it was glowing
As if your goofy smile cleared out the pores on my skin and guided the leftover light in me through

Be careful as you take a step towards me next time. It made me feel heavy
I felt heavy carrying the weight of my love for you

As we inched closer and closer, I felt just a tad bit alive
My heart didn’t beat cold blood anymore. I guess you were my sunshine

You were next to me, arms brushing against mine and I felt a spot on my arm burn
You were after all my sun. Touching you always resulted in burns

You simply just walked past me and I broke
All that tape I used were rendered useless. The pores you cleaned out only made me more fragile and with less light in me.

As you, at last, walked and didn’t look back, I found myself on my knees
Picking up all my pieces after my close encounter with my sun
Only to tape myself up again so I can spot you across the corridor again and we can press replay

– Lakshmi RV
PGP 2020-22

Foolish Emotion

Sometimes I sit by the window and think
Why do people fall in love?
When it brings nothing but pain, why then
Is it called a “blessing from above”?

Love makes you cry and you want to die;
I have often been told.
Love pricks, why then
is it called “a feeling as good as gold”?

“Oh….he does not love me”;
I have heard many a girl say.
Who needs ‘him’ when you have your friends and family with you,
No matter wherever you are or how far away.

No, you don’t need ‘him’ to cheer you up
To drain your sorrows, to make you laugh.
Remember we are there with you
To help you when the going gets tough.

So..come on…and rediscover yourself,
And leave love behind in your past.
Wipe your tears, and remember that
Success, and not love, will quench your thirst

– Shreyosi Samanta
PGP 2019-21