Student’s Corner

The student corner is an exclusive section of LSquare that brings to you the literary creation, pen-craft, creative content contributed by students. This edition is a special tribute to the going-out batch of PGP 2021 by their juniors. We wish you a bright future. We are proud of you.

An Unforgettable Journey: Batch of 2019-21

Staring with a hectic orientation week and Aaarambh, the first fest, the MBA journey of the PGP 2019-21 batch began like any other IIMB MBA experience. Between classes, case competitions, and networking with a brilliant peer group, the students were exposed to a whole new world of business and cut-throat competition.

The onset of the pandemic in March created chaos and confusion; students were onboarded online for the first time at various prestigious corporations for their summer internships. The batch then learned how to grapple with uncertainties and navigate through change and the challenges it brought about. As the mode of learning now shifted online, the cohort united over the difficulties of remote peer interactions and online learning.

In the end, they emerged victorious and resilient, having conquered uncertainties and chaos using tact, innovation, and patience. Being the first batch to experience an online MBA changed their outlook and perceptions forever. Now, as they prepare to go into the corporate world, they are armed with the ability to tackle any challenge thrown at them with poise and a perception unique to them.

– Amrutha Renganathan
PGP 2020-22

The Finals Days at IIM Bangalore

With Term 6 officially coming to an end with the culmination of the end-term examinations and project submissions, the outgoing students grapple with a sense of nostalgia and sentiment towards their time at the Place-to-B. 

PGP2s on campus can be seen hanging out with their friends, reminiscing the good old days of MBA, and clicking photos of every nook and corner of the beautiful campus to etch it into their memories forever. Held on the 20th of March, Udaan – the official farewell, provided the second-year students one final chance to showcase their talents and provided a platform to let out their thoughts and emotions. The Last Lecture, held on the 1st of April, offered fascinating food for thought to the outgoing students. 

Finally, as the batch of 2019-21 prepared to leave the campus for their exciting graduation trips and then begin their corporate careers, they walked down the memory lane one last time as they flipped through the pages of the Yearbook and collected their batch Souvenirs. With this, it is an official conclusion to the PGP Batch of 2019-21’s stay at the Place-to-B, having made moments and memories that will surely last a lifetime.

– Amrutha Renganathan
PGP 2020-22

The Last Lecture

As part of the graduating batch’s emotional farewell rituals, the Students Academic Committee, Student Alumni Committee and Forum for Industrial Interaction, organized ‘The Last Lecture‘. It starred Director Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan, PGP Chairperson Professor Padmini Srinivasan, CDS Chairperson Professor U. Dinesh Kumar, and top-rated faculty for the AY 2020-21, including Professor Avinash Mulky, Professor YLR Moorthy, and Professor Saurabh Mukherjee. 

The Last Lecture

The lecture started with a brief presentation by the Head of Alumni Office, Mr. Parthasarathy, and Dean, Professor K Kumar, who demonstrated a bigger picture of how each student carries a legacy with him/her and can contribute back to the institute and IIMBAA. 

Post that, the speakers provided fascinating food for thought for the students before they step into their post-MBA lives, which ranged from finding their true calling to the importance of good mental and physical health in a fast-paced life of graduating student managers. The professors also talked about how students could sail through difficult times by meditating and build a positive outlook even in challenging situations. The lecture then ended on an encouraging note when Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan delivered the parting address to the students and suggested them to compete with themselves and to do away with the constant comparison with others to lead a happy life. 

Of course, how could the batch resist class participation after such an overwhelming lecture? The students asked interesting questions like how to differentiate between Passion & Talent and how to overcome the negativity that comes with today’s competitive lifestyle added with an extra spice of the pandemic. The speakers collectively addressed the questions and gave witty answers by comparing life with malai kofta.

Indeed, the two-hour-long lecture summed up the students’ journey of two years from the onboarding session till the last lecture and left the students brimming with hundreds of emotions.

– Urmila Yadav
PGP 2020-22