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When Sreenivasan’s Ola cab reached the accessible end of Sri Ram Nagar 4th Street, it was already around 11pm. He got out and paid the driver. Using his full weight, he pulled out the large trolley bag and started walking home, the other end of the narrow lane. The echo of his cough made him realize the tranquillity prevailing in the street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, three masked faces appeared. Sreenivasan wondered how he hadn’t noticed them before. They demanded his mobile, watch and other valuable accessories and threatened to hurt him if he did not do so. Before he could even react, two of the hooligans held his hands to the back, trying to twist his arm. He cried out on their faces and had his mouth camped down by the third person. He felt his pockets being searched while he tried to twist out of their grasp. It was no use. He was outnumbered and they felt stronger. They left him as suddenly as they came, melting away into the shadows. He coughed once again, and tried to run home. He felt his breath catching him the throat and slowed down. Finally, he was home. Two weeks later… Flash news running on TV read “India registered its first corona virus case in Sri Ram Nagar, Chennai. The patient is Sreenivasan D who contracted the virus during his visit to Spain. The government is preparing a route map to track all those who had come in contact with him after landing in India”. Somewhere, 3 men stifled their coughs and messaged each other in horror.

– Mugilarasan K
PGP 2021-23


Today, let’s revisit the word freedom Because now it goes way beyond just the physicality, We have to look for freedom in the mentality Look inside you, delve deep into your mind Do you feel like you’re constantly stuck in the grind? Are you kept from doing what makes you groove? because you can’t pause, you have to be on the move Do you feel like there are too many worries, that you fail to celebrate all the little glories? Do you find yourself doing things to gain acceptance, even if it is with a lot of reluctance? Finally, do you feel like you are too focused on painting a pretty picture, instead of fixing the easel it is standing on, which is set to fracture? Look inside you, tell me what you see, Do you think that you are indeed truly free?

– Shreya Vishwanath
PGP 2021-23

MBA in a Virtual World

Away from Campus, how I struggle,

A plethora of tasks, but I juggle.

Under the garb of networking,

New friendships are springing.

As we are constantly working,

Here’s to new beginnings.

The decision to pursue an MBA is never an easy one. Now, the Covid-19 pandemic has further complicated this dilemma. The rising uncertainty of jobs perplexes an individual’s choices. Whether or not they pursue an MBA, they’d still be affected by the pandemic. In this post-pandemic world, the leaders of tomorrow would need to be adaptive, innovative, and resourceful. MBA from an esteemed business school would add significant value to the credibility of an individual, as well as make them proficient, cognizant, and perceptive. While these qualities seem lucrative, the virtuality of the course makes the decision to pursue it even tougher.

The overwhelming fees and opportunity costs of an MBA are a huge setback for most of us. However, the sheer abundance of opportunities does fetch a good ROI. However, with online classes, the scope of learning gets limited, and that’s where the students would need to improvise to make the most of it. Efficient time management and optimum use of resources become even more essential. Operating virtually with their peers, trying to gain their perspective, as well as connecting on an emotional level is a seemingly tough task, albeit an essential one.

The first-hand experience of MBA students encountering this unprecedented virtual learning methodology reveals new facets about the MBA course, while at the same retaining the character and challenges of an offline MBA. As the exuberation of a dream coming true keeps them afloat for the first week, the reality check is quite hard-hitting. The competition is immense and constant thoughts of self-doubt disparage the motivation to go above and beyond. To draw from the analogy of a pet shark, MBA students feel like being released from their aquarium into the gushing river where they are petrified of the turbulence so much so that they fear that they might not outlast the grueling grind. At many moments, they feel that the best way forward is the way out. These thoughts and weird analogies get even more magnified in a virtual setup. The ability to discuss your demons with your seniors is left at the peril of their virtual availability. The intangible benefits of seamless coordination and teamwork are sometimes lost in this process of being constantly glued to your screen. The absence of a human element across the table makes it difficult to understand the other person’s point of view in a robust manner. Add to it, the never-ending cycle of assignments, projects, and quizzes which is independently intimidating enough. A virtual gathering of people for various discussions and exchange of ideas sometimes results in losing the essence of the foundation on which the MBA course is built.

However, adaptation is the ‘name of the game’, as is reinforced in the MBA curriculum itself at multiple junctures. Again, like the shark, MBA students learn to navigate through these rough waters, showcasing immense growth and emerging more resilient than ever.

The immense weight of the competition is felt as the internship season arrives. They have to go back and forth on the resume points, aiming to perfect them, in desperation, to land a good firm. The work experience of those couple of months ends up being a huge deciding factor for final placement. Learnings derived from an online internship would not be the same given the communication gaps that arrive. Learning the ropes on the job, the students are constantly thinking on their feet while solving complex business challenges and getting a glimpse of post-MBA life.

Festivities with social distancing on campus and online events, seem like a buzzkill. However, the students step up to these challenges with the same level of enthusiasm and optimism. The virtual setup doesn’t stop them from ideating, associating and executing ideas to entertain their audiences, ensuring increased engagement and providing a platform to their talented peers.

And at last, 2 years later, as they look back upon their old naive selves, they would thank themselves for this decision to pursue an ‘virtual’ MBA. The same amount of enthusiasm is prevalent among the alumni community making them agile and energetic, while also being helpful and kind.

And As Years went by,

They reconnected again,

Five college friends,

Discussing their reign.

Reflecting on their lives, how they,

Had built portfolios so vast.

Financial worries? A thing of the past!

From owning equities,

To noteworthy charities,

While Miles away,

Examining their lives,

Five fresh graduates,

With jobs full of strife,

Planning their professions,

Adequate to survive depressions.

Building their profile,

Was going to take a while.

The wheel of life, and its hurdles,

Had come full circle.

– Saumil Sonara, Rajas Shahade, Adithya Ramesh
PGP 2021-23

The IIMB Experience

Dear PGP1s,

Every day, pan your day out in such a way

That for every thing that you do,

You make most out of your day

 Be it monotonous or boring,

Exciting or frightening,

Find something to look forward to

In everything that you get to do

For theory classes, it can be to learn something new,

Group assignments, to meet someone cute,

Project works exist to stress you out,

So that you may learn to help each other out.

The MBA life is neither easy nor hard,

When you learn to make the most of the days that pass

At times, this journey seems like a race

It is just an illusion, with time will pass

One last note, at the place to ‘B’

There is more to life than MBA.

  • A dedication to the incredible support shown by our dear PGP2’s

– Kaushal Jain and Adil Nazeer
PGP 2021-23