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Remember the day you saw the word “SELECTED” on the IIM Bangalore Merit List. How did you think you would spend your time on the heavenly campus? Some of us had to begin our MBA life in the online mode, while others had to end it virtually. This MBA journey has its ups and downs.

From the fundamental change of offline to online classes, late-night birthday parties at L Square, to virtual birthday calls, physical bonding, and networking moving to an online bonding experience, we have persevered and made the best out of a horrible situation. When we had to venture away from the road we envisioned for ourselves, we came back stronger. From learning how to use Zoom to making presentations with flashy virtual backgrounds, all of us have come a long way ahead.

However, in an alternative universe, there is a world where there was no social distancing, no face masks, no hand sanitizers …. A world without COVID 19

What have you have missed or would have done differently in that scenario?

Some ideas include –
• Have a hell lot of parties, may it be clubs’, societies’ or even a party without any reason
• Explore what Bangalore has to offer with your batchmates, or revisit your previous hangouts in the city
• Increased bonding with your fellow batchmates or seniors/juniors by organizing more informal meets
• Having those frequent informal meetings where you talk about almost anything under the sun without worrying about the 40 min time limit in Zoom or power connectivity
• Experience the excitement when you celebrate the birthdays of your friends by rubbing cake all over their faces (GPLs are no fun, though 😂)
• Have those instances where you tell friends to wake you up before a class or a test, and you have them banging on your door
Somewhere, in the distant future, the world will look up to these MBA graduates and say – “They perserved”

– MVS Sampreet
PGP 2020-22