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In Here, Out There (Musings when covid was at its peak)

Escaping the pandemic unscathed
Amidst a ground with innocent bodies ablaze
Ambulance siren innocuous to the ear
A facade to keep off the looming fear
Digital distractions and culinary affair
With battered hearts and heavy despair
Peppering plants, a hobby newfound
Darkness prevailing all around
In the effort to keep mind and body sane
What earlier used to be is no longer mundane
In the comfort of home, all bundled and secure
Witnessing a burning world with emotions to endure
Fourteen days soon turned four hundred thirty
Nobody could foretell the widespread travesty
The end does not seem in near sight
Everyday is a new battle, a new fight
Mustering up our courage, gathering our faith
Whilst the enemy destroys lives in large swathes
Sitting at home with emotions to spare
Reflecting on what’s in here, out there.

Deepti Kansal
PGP 2020-22