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Saturdays nights oft planned in leisure,
The weekend serenade marred by fever,

Dark thunderclouds roaring without reason,
Rain lashing my windowsill, ’tis the season,

The roadways hence bathed and washed,
Tread but cautiously, those are slippery paths,

The atmosphere soon to turn gasping humid,
Sweat trickling through in uncomfortable breathe,

Water inundates, creating tiny pools in the mud,
Dirt tracks in pulp of soil, feet crashing with a thud,

The season threatens the calming city atmosphere,
Urban inhabitants uninspired, unaware,

Winds join the rain for a seasonal thoroughfare,
Umbrellas and banyan leaves shelter and care,

The rain, tempestuous, sighing & blushing,
A scorned lover madly embraces thy soul, smiling,

The old unperturbed weekend fever,
Catches up with the undeterred visitor,

Love ripes and matures in the vineyard,
Dreams of the week still dancing in the boulevard.

– A Regular PGP2