Student’s Corner

The student corner is an exclusive section of LSquare which brings to you the literary creation, pencraft, creative content contributed by students.

Near, yet so far!

Two people walking down a path,

To one a lonely road,

To another the loners’ road,

I see that tiny frame walk away from me,

I tiptoe behind her, worried that the tiniest rustle could scare her away

Was it the way her shoulders were set or maybe the way she hugged herself closer,

Like she was protecting herself,

Every tiny glimpse of her face I caught,

Kept me guessing

Just what is she thinking?

If only I knew…

As if she could hear my thoughts,

She stopped dead in her track!

In the deafening silence that engulfed us

I could hear her heart pounding or maybe it was mine

She slowly looked at her shadow and sighed,

Little did I know she wanted to be found,

And here I was, waiting for her to call out my name

So, I could close this distance that kept us apart.

– Avala Akhila, PGP 2019-21

On being the only arts student in a B-School full of engineers

Do you know how difficult it is,
to be
the “left over” sand at the bay
of every sea.
How you
and your kind wish.
If only you too
would be the one
that made for pots and vessels
instead of shaky,
empty castles.
How you wish
you could hold
and stay—
In the palms
of they.
You know what.
You do.
You do stay
when you are held the right way.
You don’t need support
you simply seek rapport.
Hands that hold,
not withhold.
Waves that make peace,
and never seize.
Dreams are made of both —
the sand
and the sea.

– Nikita Jain, EPGP 2020-21

Stress in MBA and the starting term

The best example I can give is a really powerful waterfall.

You’re near it you feel fun and excitement, the droplets of water dashing on your face. It’s all fun and games.
You put a finger or palm, and it’s painful yet fun

Then you throw your whole body in it and all the waterfalls on your skull, and then on your body with the force of 50 freaking earths and crushed your spine and you’re trying to maintain balance and stand, to be not crushed by it

On top of that, you need to show thumbs up and smile as someone is talking a photo to show you’re all cool and powerful to face the full brute force of the water trying to open your skull apart.

– Shlok Neel Sangoi, PGP 2020-22

Heart or Brain?

When I ask myself,

Am I alright?

The heart wanted to narrate a Story,

But the brain quoted ‘Bullet points’…

When I asked again,

How am I doing?

By the time heart collated the thoughts,

The brain replied, ‘around median’ is ongoing …

I stopped to look back,

At those beautiful times,

Heart started cherishing the memories,

But brain intervened, think about the future, be wise …

I stumble for a minute,

To ensure if everything is fine?

The heart had a lot to express,

But brain DCPed, ‘this is the new normal’ you annoying!

I took a deep breath,

Braced my being, and revitalized,

I narrated the story of my life – how I fought and survived.

When I cherished old memories, I lived them twice.

I surrendered, I laughed, I cheered myself up, I mesmerized …

This quarantine, I learned a new thing, for mental well-being of mine,

“It’s not about heart or brain; it’s about listening to right one at the right time”

Now I am assured that I am alright. I am doing great, and everything is fine

Sneha Jadhav (PGP 2019-21)