Suvarna Sangeet – A Tribute to IIM Bangalore’s Golden Jubilee

On the enchanting evening of October 28, 2023, a historic chapter was etched in the history of IIM Bangalore’s illustrious journey. The occasion was nothing short of extraordinary as the institution marked its Golden Jubilee with a musical extravaganza of unparalleled magnificence, “Suvarna Sangeet.” This 50-member ensemble concert, led by alumna Manasi Prasad, was a testament to five decades of academic excellence and achievement.

A Harmonious Fusion of Music and Visual Artistry

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the open-air theater at IIM Bangalore’s Bannerghatta Road campus came alive with a symphony of music and a breathtaking display of visual artistry. “Suvarna Sangeet” was not just a musical performance; it was a captivating display of visual elements that complemented the enchanting melodies.

Costumes that Transcended Time

The meticulously planned costumes were a sight to behold. Golden hues, in honor of the Golden Jubilee, radiated elegance and timelessness. The golden attire symbolized IIMB’s commitment to excellence and its remarkable achievements over the years. The visual impact of these costumes resonated with the legacy that IIM Bangalore has built over half a century.

But the visual narrative didn’t stop at gold. The inclusion of red and maroon, mirroring the colors of the IIMB logo, added depth and significance to the attire. Red, representing strength and determination, and maroon, associated with creativity and vitality, beautifully encapsulated the values and spirit of IIMB.

Manasi Prasad: A Distinguished Alumna Leading the Way

At the heart of this remarkable event was the vision and leadership of a distinguished alumna of IIM Bangalore, Manasi Prasad. Her passion for music and her deep connection to IIMB made her the ideal individual to lead and organize this exceptional performance.

A Visual and Musical Symphony

The performance was a symphony in every sense. The 50-member ensemble, comprising renowned artists and emerging talents, painted a vivid soundscape that resonated with the audience. The fusion of diverse musical genres, instruments, and musicians mirrored the rich tapestry of IIMB’s community.

The participation of the acclaimed artists elevated the musical experience to new heights. Their harmonious strings added a classical touch to the contemporary performance, creating a sensory experience that transcended mere auditory delight.

A Tribute to the Past, Present, and Future of IIMB

“Suvarna Sangeet” was more than just a concert; it was a tribute to the past, present, and future of IIMB. It was a celebration of excellence, creativity, and the unity that diverse talents can achieve when they come together in harmony.

The audience was treated to a night of magic, as the music and visual elements came together to create a complete sensory experience. It was a moment that touched the heart, stirred the senses, and ignited the imagination, just as Manasi Prasad had envisioned.

Please use the following link to watch the YouTube video of the performance.