Where did my Profits Go? – A Book on GST

This is an inclusive book on the subject of GSTspecifically for people from business community. It throws light on the subject and as the name suggests, simplifies the build-up around the subject of GST. Mr. Guruprasad (AMP 2009) and Mr. Jana Ardhana are the co-authors of the book. They are also Partners at the leading accountancy firms in Bangalore- Guru & Jana Chartered Accountants.

Guru Prasad

GST is one of the most important reform since Indian Independence by the Government of India. The teething issues in the law have been marginalized and commented by many as not a friendly law. However, the saving of cost and time by subsuming innumerable indirect tax laws across the country is in itself a major achievement. It is our responsibility as citizens of the country to make the GST law – The Good and Simple Tax. 

We have written this book on GST titled – Where did my profits go? As the name signifies the GST law is directly connected to the profits of a businessman. Hence, it is important for the businessman in India to know the law and implement it. Correct implementation of the law in business ensures that the Businessman is not troubled with liability on account of GST or the Interest/Penalties thereon. Hence, there is a need to bring the seriousness of compliance to the businessman for his own benefit. Moreover, there has to be a book available to be handy to the Board members of large companies who are involved in several decision-making aspects. In their decisions, GST matters have to be factored too. 

Jana Ardhana

This leads to a need that a book on GST should help both the High profile board members and the small businesses. As a commonality of this objective, we have brought out the law as narrative stories, which are illustrated with Cartoons. The conversations in it talk about the GST law. For those readers who would like to get the feel of the law, we have given the chapter endnotes to augment the stories with sufficient legal provisions.

The objective of the book is to cover the subject of GST with simplicity. We also have the objective of achieving our CSR initiatives through our Trust “Mahatria Guru and Jana Foundation” The proceeds of this book goes to the said trust which is committed to the cause of education for children.

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Please use the below link to buy the book – https://gurujana.com/gst/

Do note that the entire proceeds of the book would go to our foundation, where we help in the education of underprivileged kids.  As on date, we take the onus of 234 children.  You will get an 80G receipt on your book purchase.