Alum Ventures: Rezolve.AI – Saurabh Kumar, Manish Sharma and Uday B Reddy, PGP 1999 is a company founded by three IIMB alumni that is creating waves in the business world for all the right reasons. The goal of the company is to automate IT support market powered by AI technology providing an end-to-end, automated resolution for L1 employee support. The company has shown much promise and has raised funds in multiple rounds for expansion and product innovation.

The success of Rezolve is the result of grit and determination fueled by the energies of its founding team. In a close interview with the Founders of Rezolve – Saurabh, Manish and Uday.

Can you please tell us about yourself/ yourselves?

There are three Co-founders of – and all three of us are from IIMB batch of 99. Saurabh Kumar – who is the CEO resides in SFO Bay area in USA, and has worked in senior/CIO positions with Banks and financial institutions. Udaya Bhaskar Reddy is based out of Bangalore and has worked as CTO in Accenture India and has designed and managed products/platforms. Manish Sharma, based out of New Jersey is a revenue generation leader who has track record of creating and managing large P&Ls starting from zero.

Can you tell us about your company – Rezolve.AI? What are the services offered? is a modern AI-powered employee support & engagement platform that is redefining many of existing concepts and product categories. believes that automation and AI can help reduce “enterprise friction”,  help improves employee productivity and engage employees effectively in this post-pandemic world. Employee facing functions like IT Service Desk, HR service desk and Employee focused learning – are delivered via our platform that is easily accessible via collaboration channels like MS Teams or Slack

How and when did you start Rezolve.AI? What was the idea behind it? was launched in its current configuration and avatar in 2019. Typically many technology solutions focus on providing an amazing experience to customers – employees experience typically does not get the same attention. As the current talent crisis proves, smart solutions in employee support and engagement will unleash an outstanding amount of value.

What makes Rezolve.AI a pioneer in its area of work? is thinking outside the box. It is thinking outside the traditional product categories – and it is genuinely putting employee experience in focus. In today’s remote or hybrid work environment the level and kind of support and engagement that employees expect is very different from what traditional solutions can provide. integrates with most SaaS platform and automates hundreds of everyday tasks that employees need right out of the box. Its sophisticated AI ( conversational and otherwise) simplifies the interaction for employees and agents. Addition of Microlearning, surveys & gamification in its platform provides additional tools to enterprise to engage employees in a way that was never possible earlier.

What were the triggers behind leaving your corporate jobs and starting up?

All three of us talked about starting an enterprise for a long time – and finally jumped when some stars aligned. It was not a decision that was a spur of the moment.

How has the entrepreneurial journey been? Any key learnings that you would like to share.

There have been many learnings along the way. We had to unlearn a lot that we knew and believed in, and learn what the market and this new company was teaching us. Some key learnings for me ( Manish)

  • Choosing right partners is very important
  • Keeping a positive frame of mind is important
  • Learn and react to changing circumstances quickly
  • If need be – pivot, and pivot again!
  • Never give up on your dreams

Any words of wisdom.

Entrepreneurship is a quest. In this quest, you will have to find the right answers to many questions. Just like the Mahabharat story of “lake of death/Yaksha” or western stories of “Bridge troll asking questions” – unless and until you can figure out the right answers to all the questions, you will not achieve your objective.