Alumni Ventures

“Sell your vision, not just the product .”

-Sanjay Anandaram, Entrepreneur and VC

The term ‘entrepreneurship’ can simply be termed as running your own business.  It is a type of a mindset, a different way of thinking and acting thereby also about imagining certain new ways in order to solve problems and also to create value.

We introduce to you the story of one such successful entrepreneur, Vivek Bhutyani  who has accomplished his dream of setting up his own business venture being quite victorious in his respective journey of life and most importantly making IIMB proud!

Vivek Bhutyani, founder and CEO, of Lattu Kids says, “I have been passionate about kids’ content as I have a five-year-old son and while watching the various content available for kids these days, it made me realise that there’s dearth of content which impart values and learning to kids. Seeing this gap, I decided to venture into the kids segment as this space has a lot of things which can be explored. In addition kids these days are more into digital viewing than TV and therefore its the best way to educate and entertain them.

“At Lattu Kids we strive to deliver the best possible content for your child. This purpose is being fulfilled through careful creation and curation of creative yet value-driven content to brighten every kid’s face with a smile. But there’s a secret to this entertainment that also helps us to differentiate: we don’t just believe in play, we deliver playful learning.”

“We fulfil this promise through the medium of videos available on our app catering to topics such as mathematics, phonetics, vocabulary and life wisdom being brought to your kids through characters that resonate with their innocence and imagination.”

Vivek Bhutyani (PGSEM 2008, an alumnus of IIMB) used to head content licensing business for Star Network for all Entertainment and Movies and was responsible to double star’s business in less than 2 years and Star’s entry into various international territories. Before Star, Vivek used to work with Nokia India as Head of Western region for IT retail and institutional sales. With a mix of distribution, retail, telecom and Media, Vivek is trying to bring everything he’s learned to build a global kids brand out of India. He is now the Founder and CEO of Lattu Kids,India’s first fully integrated kid’s entertainment network. 

What is the culture like at Lattu Kids?

Our culture at Lattu Kids upholds the values of sheltering your kid’s innocent minds yet facilitate growth, holistically. And for this purpose, we believe in phy-gital presence. We don’t just generate video content, but also make merchandise of our in-house characters for your kids and bring a wholesome experience that never stops.

How well has this digital platform been received?

In less than 3 months of the content streaming VOD app launch Lattu kids has been downloaded by more than 15000 parents and is also the only kids content on Ola Play cabs. We have done cumulative views of more than 5 Million across various digital platforms.  The average view time as as high as 20 Mins per user per day and very strong stickiness. 

Is there any other global property on this platform?

Yes. Some of the famous global properties on the platform are Talking Tom & Friends , Maya the Bee, Max the Excavator , etc .

What is the main idea behind this creation?

The idea is to reach a bigger market  as there is lack of meaningful content for kids in smaller towns and villages other than metros and we are investing in localising good content in local languages.

How has the whole journey of being an entrepreneur been?

“It’s been a great unlearning journey for me. When one steps from corporate world to world of entrepreneurship, you are stripped of all comforts and security that a corporate job provides. Suddenly you are nobody and its fun being an underdog and building your way up. I love the idea of a small startup creating disruption and doing something the Davids wont think of. Especially in this venture its the parents who are the first TG as kids cant install apps on their own and finally the user is kid so it becomes imperative on how you strike a balance with the parents and the kids. The kid needs to love and learn from the content and the parent needs to see what value is the child getting from the platform. Otherwise they will uninstall you without thinking.”

There have been words of appreciation from many parents to Vivek who feel that Lattu kids is hitting the right notes with kids . Its impossible to stop kids from using digital devices and therefore with a safe dedicated app for kids  like Lattu kids becomes the perfect app to give to your kids without being concerned about distractions ,safety and privacy . Lattu kids has now upped the ante and is producing original properties to bring values of learning to kids. It recently launched a new property called SMXL hosted by very famous Vinay Pathak which goes against the popular shows on TV that create competition & manipulation of kids. The show has Vinay play games with the kid around IQ, GQ and physical games and every kid goes home with an exciting gift. Lattu kids also produced a new web series where kids cook exciting healthy recipes for their lunch in a fun way. The content library on the app has great content for kids of all ages starting from 1 year ones to 8 year old.

The current platform has content available in English, Hindi, Tamil and soon Telugu would be added. “Our focus to reach a critical mass of 1 Million kids soon and kick start monetization with brand outreach and on ground activation.”

“Its fun to come to IIMB once every month and catch up with the Professor and spend time on campus. I love it and look forward to it . IIMB has been instrumental in shaping by thoughts and networks and I wish I could give it back to it some day” says Vivek.

Professor Raghunath of IIMB is advising Vivek on his corporate strategy and a formal adviser to Little Giants Media ( Lattu Kids).