Alumni News

IIMB’s PGP 1987 Alumni, VS Hariharan, Assumes Role as Redington’s Group CEO

VS Hariharan assumes the role of Group CEO at Redington Limited, a global technology product and services distribution leader. With over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and general management, Hariharan brings a wealth of expertise to Redington’s ongoing success. Professor J Ramachandran, Chairman of the Board at Redington Ltd, expressed his delight in Hariharan’s appointment, citing his unwavering commitment and deep industry insights gained during his tenure as an independent director. Hariharan’s career journey began at Wipro in India, followed by a successful 18-year stint at Hewlett-Packard in Singapore, where he held various high-level positions. He later ventured into founding a company specializing in solar solutions for emerging regions.

Congratulations to Mr. Hariharan on this remarkable achievement.

ET Startup Awards 2023 Nominee: Vengat Krishnaraj, PGP 2007 Alumnus of IIMB and Co-founder of Klenty

The ET Startup Awards 2023 have announced the nominees for the Bootstrap Champ category, and among the distinguished list is Vengat Krishnaraj, a co-founder of Klenty. Vengat Krishnaraj, a PGP 2007 alumnus from IIM Bangalore, played a pivotal role in establishing Klenty in 2015. Klenty is at the forefront of revolutionizing sales processes, aiding sales teams in precisely identifying potential leads. Their innovative approach includes providing conversational intelligence tools that elevate the efficiency of cold-call sales. Klenty’s unique pay-per-use model, tailored to the specific features utilized by enterprise customers, sets them apart in the industry. This nomination is a testament to Vengat Krishnaraj’s and Klenty’s remarkable journey in the startup ecosystem, demonstrating their commitment to transforming sales strategies across various sectors.

IAS Officer and IIMB Alumnus Anshul Gupta Leads Restoration of Yam Talaiya Pond in Ujjain, India

Anshul Gupta, an IAS officer and alumnus of the IIM Bangalore PGP 2009 batch, played a key role in the restoration of the Yam Talaiya pond in Ujjain, India. The pond was once a thriving water body that supported nearby farmers and wildlife. However, years of neglect led to its deterioration. The pond became filled with silt and weeds, and its water-holding capacity decreased significantly.

Anshul Gupta

In 2021, Gupta, the commissioner of the Ujjain Municipal Corporation, decided to restore the pond. He partnered with the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) to develop a restoration plan.

The restoration process began with de-weeding and garbage removal. The EFI then used excavators to remove silt from the pond bed. The excess silt was used to strengthen the embankments and raise their height. The EFI also constructed sedimentary wells to capture silt from runoff and prevent it from entering the pond.

In addition to the pond itself, the EFI also restored the surrounding area. They repaired the walkway and ghat, and constructed a wooden bridge to cross the inlet channel. They also installed protective fencing to prevent encroachment and solid waste dumping.

The restoration efforts were successful, and the Yam Talaiya pond is now once again a thriving water body. The pond’s water-holding capacity has increased by almost a third, and it now supports a variety of wildlife. The restoration has also benefited local residents, as the rising groundwater table has improved access to drinking water.

NDMA Tests Emergency Cell Broadcast Technology Developed by C-DOT, Founded by IIMB Alumnus Rajkumar Upadhyay

Recently, smartphone users were recipients of an unexpected “Emergency alert: Severe” message on their screens, as part of a comprehensive testing initiative conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). The NDMA is presently evaluating the merits of emergency cell broadcast technology, a product of C-DOT—a company founded by Rajkumar Upadhyay, an esteemed alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) from PGP 2006 Batch. This innovative approach, analogous to those employed in developed nations such as the United States through their established Emergency Alert System (EAS), is poised to substantially elevate public safety by furnishing timely crisis alerts. The accompanying flash message, dispatched under the aegis of the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, unequivocally affirmed its test nature, assuring recipients that no responsive action was warranted. This pivotal endeavor represents a significant stride toward the development of a robust and effective disaster alert mechanism for the nation, notably under the stewardship of an IIMB alumnus at the helm of C-DOT.

PGP Class of 1991 Reunites at IIMB for 32nd-Year Celebration

The Class of 1991 from the PGP program gathered for their 32nd-year reunion at IIMB on September 16, 2023. They had the privilege of meeting and hearing from Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director of IIMB, who extended a warm welcome and addressed the alumni. Prof. Krishnan provided insights into the exciting activities planned for alumni throughout the Golden Jubilee year of IIMB and expressed gratitude for their unwavering support to their alma mater. Additionally, Prof. Sourav Mukherji, the Dean of Alumni Relations and Development, had the opportunity to speak with and engage the alumni during this memorable reunion.