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Twin Directions

They say we need to be given two things
One is roots and the other wings
They hem and haw in two different directions
In straight lines and circular rings
Testing our resolve and convictions

Heart and mind, they drive in separate modes
For one, wants only affirmation
The other sought achievement
One lives in memories abound
Its cousin seeks validation

Which to listen to, which to neglect
Torn asunder isn’t quite right
Yet division remains, impossible to forget
Attend a batch party and frolic senseless
Or finish assignments to fend off regret

Tears can be seen from without and within
When friends scuffle in close proximity
Whom to lend ears to and comfort
Does it mean for the other a move to confront
NaĂŻve souls caught in two torrent currents

The heart yells “You won’t get this time,
Make it count, enjoy your days”
The mind retorts, “You won’t get it back
Use productively, make forays”

A friend needs help,
it’s the right thing to do
Maybe so, but what if they can’t help you
What if they can’t recommend in the future
In your search for greener ventures
Heart and mind, they drive in separate modes

Those grades, they need to go up
If any chance at shortlists
To study all night long or assist
The hostel wing in basics
Why does this split yet persist
Heart and mind, they drive in separate modes

The last few days, put in perspective
The mind attained its goals
The heart still questions
Will jobs and riches quench the insatiable
Traversing two divergent directions

Left to ponder on the 11th hour
Mind shirks and shrugs
Responsible not for us but itself
In those times, the heart beats to cry out
And then they come
Those late night sessions at Haneena’s
The torrid DCP bouts in N101
Wing mates all braving together
To crib on end terms by the tonne

It’s the hearts journey all along
Set by distractions, derisions and doubt
Yet it steers my mast
With a faith so true
Afterall, its what led me to all of you..

– Anandarup Bhowmick and Abhinav DRP
PGP 2023