Anusmaran 2018 in 18 cities worldwide: Block your dates!!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Anusmaran 2018, the IIMB alumni meet that is held in different cities worldwide every year. Anusmaran is the time to meet your old friends, bond with alums across batches, network, socialize and get to speed on what is happening in IIMB. Please find below the Anusmaran schedule in 18 cities worldwide.

Click on the register link below and the respective chapter reps will get in touch with you as soon as possible –

Indian Locations:

Sno. Date Location Registration Link
1 05-May Kolkata Kolkata- Registration form
2 12-May Bengaluru Bengaluru- Registration Form
3 12-May Pune Pune- Registration Form
4 12-May Delhi Delhi- Registration Form
5 12-May Hyd Hyd-Registration Form
6 12-May Cochin Cochin- Registration Form
7 19-May Mumbai Mumbai- Registration Form
8 26-May Chennai Chennai- Registration Form


International Chapters:

Sno. Date Location Link
1 11-May Dubai Dubai-Registration Form
2 12-May London London-Registration Form
3 12-May Hongkong Hong Kong-Registration Form
4 12-May Australia Australia-Registration Form
5 12-May Japan Japan-Registration Form
6 12-May Singapore Singapore-Registration Form
7 8-July NY,USA NY-Registration Form
8 13-May Netherlands Netherlands-Registration Form
9 13-May Stockholm Stockholm– Registration Form
10 16-Jun SFO,USA SFO-Registration Form


Keep the above dates blocked for the event. Let us make the event a great success. Faculty are planning to travel to all the above destinations to represent IIMB!