Book Release

Accidental Gamblers: Risk and Vulnerability in Vidarbha Cotton – Thiagu Ranganathan, PGP 2006

About the Book

A study of farmers’ gamble with cotton in Vidarbha, India by relying on historical research and 12 years of longitudinal study.

A study of how nineteenth-century’ accidents’ particularly in the form of colonial policies and the American Civil War ushered in institutional transformations that shaped the Vidarbha region’s cotton economy. By drawing insights from longitudinal study in villages of the region spanning 12 years, it presents the ‘gambles’ that farmers are part of.

About the Author

Sarthak Gaurav is a faculty in Economics at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. He began researching risk and vulnerability of agricultural households in Vidarbha and Gujarat since 2008 as part of his PhD at IGIDR, Mumbai. His postdoctoral research at the London School of Economics and CSH, New Delhi was on the Palanpur longitudinal village study. He cofounded the Behavioural Lab and GISE Hub at IIT Bombay.

Thiagu Ranganathan is a faculty at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Since his Ph.D. at the IIT Bombay, he has worked on issues in agricultural economics and development economics including agricultural price risk management and implications of water scarcity on rural livelihood diversification.

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Found Again: Real Stories of Women, Work & Flexibility – Shreya, Deepa and Rashmi, PGP 2008

About the Book

She could be your wife. She could be your friend. And chances are, she could be you. 

Twenty stories of the brilliant, maddening, exhausting lives of women, inside and outside of our professional spaces. 

Many of them are the women we call “missing,” the women who broke academic records in a new India, entered our workplaces with high hopes and then dropped out of the workforce. A few of them are the intrepid pioneers of new ways of working, building careers that are changing the very notion of how, where and when work is done.

All of them are women who are charting their own unique paths and showing the rest of us that there is no one way to live and no one way to work. 

In these stories, we will listen to these women, visit their dilemmas, understand their choices and revel in their successes. 

We will come away informed and inspired. 

Pick this book up because you care. Pick it up because these are good stories.

The book is available on all Amazon and other leading e-commerce platforms.